Travel and Tourism Industry on the Internet Set to Boom According To Tourism Headquarters

The Internet becomes a bonanza to the travel industry in the latest world financial crisis.

Advertising on the Internet is predicted to increase 10 fold as the travel industry opts out of conventional advertising of TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, direct marketing and billboards.

Opportunity to purchase some of the best travel industry web site names arises due to the financial crash.

“Due to the recent worldwide financial crisis, two main developments will take place. in many industries, especially the travel business,” states Tony Young, Manager of Tourism Headquarters.

Mr Young continues, “Firstly, advertisers of all kinds will opt out of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and billboards, because they cannot justify or afford these media avenues.As businesses realize they still have to promote themselves, the winner will be the internet, where businesses can cost in their advertising to sales, and where the expense is not comparatively great for international coverage. Secondly, because of the currency free-fall in many countries like Australia, travel to those countries will increase significantly,” concludes Mr Young.

Because of the recent downfall in the Australian dollar compared to the US dollar, an opportunity has also arisen whereby travel agents, tourism operators, casino operators, hotel groups or travel internet companies around the world, can purchase a business which holds the rights to many of the major domains in the dot travel industry.

Amongst the range of domains, aptly called “The Top 100”, included in the business, are all types of accommodation, through to specific tours, and include domain names for immediate web sites involving leading industry topics like ; 5 star hotels ; adventure tours ; cruise bargains ; travel employment ; golf tours ; car rentals ; hotel deals ; house boats ; luxury resorts ; national parks ; over 50’s travel ; romantic hotels ; casinos; spa resorts ; who’s who in the travel industry, and the world’s best travel businesses.

One of the many ways the business can operate these domains for immediate income, is to have a specialized travel search engine for every major tourism category in the world. An example can be viewed on the web site .

The total business, originally offered at US$695,350, is now available on a 50/50 joint venture basis, which includes full programming for specialized international travel search engines, for US$210,500. Offers for a lease will be considered, or vendor finance is available.

Further details can be gained by emailing the Dot-Travel Manager at hq @, or calling direct + 61 7 3832 5566 or + 61411 445566.

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