Miami Florida: Under the phrase “PACK SMART, WEIGH YOUR LUGGAGE” Balanzza wants travelers to avoid overweight luggage fees at the airport and the inconvenience and embarrassment of having to redistribute belongings at the check-in counter…

After much more scrutiny at the airport check-in counters and the reduction of the weight allowance per luggage, the need for a tool to weigh your luggage has become more important than ever., Balanzza was presented with great reviews and amazing response during the Travel Goods Show in Vegas this past March. Offering the traveler the chance to weigh their luggage at home in a simple way, Balanzza is becoming a smart and important tool for the traveler, and have the potential to become a bigger promotional and service tool for the travel suppliers.

“Imagine having the concierge or bell captain at the hotel weighing your luggage before you leave to the airport so you know before hand what to expect at the check-in. Or getting a Balanzza as a premium gift from your cruise line or tour operator as an appreciation of your business, Balanzza is a great tool for the travel supplier as well as for the traveler, is a great opportunity to service the industry at different levels” said Ronald Kritzler, President of Balanzza.

How it works? With Balanzza you simply attach the luggage to the scale using the strong strap (no hooks), lift the luggage with one or two hands; hold it until you hear a beep indicating that the weight has been registered and stored on the display, set the luggage down on the floor and read the weight. Weighing 10 oz and with its compact size, Balanzza is easy to pack on your trip and assist you on your way back. Whether you are returning with souvenirs and gifts or brochures and samples from a business trip your luggage can often weigh more than it did when you left home. The Balanzza digital luggage scale is always with you to help you save money by avoiding excess weight surcharges.

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Phone: 7868774710 Fax: 9288339914

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