Travel tops high income Asia-Pacific households pursuits

According to recent survey, Travel is the top pursuit for nearly three-quarters of high income Asia-Pacific households, according to a survey released on Monday.

According to the Spending Patterns and Perspectives of High Income Households survey, some 73 percent of high income Asia Pacific households said travel is their top personal interest over the next two years, well ahead of food (43 percent) and music (31 percent), and 63 percent of respondents said they went away for weekends overseas every six months or so.

The survey, conducted by Visa in late 2008, interviewed 4,106 people from countries and regions such as Singapore, South Korea, Australia, India, Japan, China, China’s Hong Kong and Taiwan. All respondents were aged 18 and above with equal gender split and were from the top 20-40 percent of households for each marketplace.

The survey also showed that respondents from China’s Hong Kong and India are the region’s most frequent travelers. And the most popular destinations among the region’s high income respondents were Japan, Australia and the United States.

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