Traveling Never Ends, Neither Should Your Fitness Regimen

The holiday season brings lots of travel, and so does the New Year, Martin Luther King Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Spring Break …WOW, it never ends!

How are we supposed to be on a long-term plan to stay healthy and fit when there are always opportunities to travel?

Staying fit while traveling can be easier than imagined, notes fitness expert John Rowley, Director of Fitness & Wellness at The American Institute of Healthcare and Fitness

Below, Rowley provides tips for travelers to stay fit and healthy:

  1. Do Your Homework – The first step to staying fit while traveling is to do your homework beforehand. Look online and see if the hotel or cruise ship you will be on has a fitness center, and if it does, what they have to offer. Some of the best workouts you have can be when you travel, as the change in scenery adds to the excitement of your workout and will often push you to a different level. A change of pace is always nice – the key is to make realistic goals you can stick to (ie shorter but more intense workouts, so as to not dig into your day too much).
  2. Use Your Imagination – When on traveling, you also need to remember to get creative. Look around: Is there a park near by where you can do pull ups on the monkey bars, are there hills or naturally challenging terrain that you can climb, or a sandy beach that will add extra resistance to your walk or jog? Stuck in a hotel or on a cruise ship nothing of the sort around? Go find the stairs and take them two at a time for a fantastic leg and butt work out. Use the same stairs to do incline push ups. You can also hook the resistance bands onto the hand rail in the stair case for a full body work out, right in the privacy of the staircase.
  3. Pack the Necessary Tools – Most hotels and cruise ships today offer some type of exercise facilities, but in the event you cannot find anything, you can bring items on the go, such as resistance bands, for an effective workout, which will fit right into your luggage. With resistance bands and a little imagination you can get in an incredible workout. Look up different ways to utilize them online and create a plan beforehand. Being prepared, and planning ahead, is often the key to a successful plan and sticking to it.
  4. Make a Plan and Stick to it – The key is to plan your workout and then do what you plan. The same is true when you are eating on the road. Most hotels today have some type of buffet, pick and choose very carefully and don’t just eat to fill yourself up, that will short circuit your fitness goals. You will look better, feel better, have more energy while you are traveling and look better when you return. Traveling doesn’t mean you need to give up on your fitness routine it just means you need to do a little planning and then enjoy the variety.

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