Travelling to visit exotic tribes in Asia

In line with a trend in the luxury travel industry demonstrating a desire for a more adventurous vein of travel, Urbane Nomads has lined up a list of trips for those desirous of seeking out exotic cultures.

These trips do not guarantee first contact with exotic, foreign tribes. Nor are we at Urbane Nomads interested in ferreting out the last tribe that has had no prior human contact for the purposes of tourism. Instead, we have in mind, a sharing of an appreciation for cultures deemed exotic in these modern times.

The following are some of the trips we’d designed:

– Visiting the tsaatan people in Mongolia. Reindeer herders, they occupy a land believed to coincide with the Shambhala referenced in ancient Buddhist texts. Practicing shamanists, the tsaatan believe that their ancestors live on in the forests to provide guidance for the living.

Urbane Nomads is organizing a 10-day visit to
Mongolia. This involves trekking on horseback for 7 days to visit the summer encampment of the reindeer people.

-The Kalash people in Pakistan. Dressed in all black, elaborate fairy-worshipping ceremonies and believed to be descended from Alexander the Greats troops, the Kalash people are probably one of the most romanticised living communities today. Tourist brochures and press- both local and international have drawn upon the enigmatic practices of the tribe, its reclusive location in the valleys of Chitral and the supposed links to Alexander the Great. Finding refuge in the valleys of Chitral in what is a majority-Muslim country, the Kalash people occupy an area otherwise dubbed as Kafiristan(land of the infidels).

Urbane Nomads is organizing a trip to Pakistan coinciding with the Shandur polo tournament(a no-rule polo match on the highest polo grounds in the world) next July. On the trip, guests will travel through scenic Chitral with its lakes and mountains, visit the Kalash people and travel through Hunza, one of the places that lay claim to being the original Shangri-la.

-Visiting the Asmat tribe in Papua New Guinea.
The area and the headhunting practices of its people were propelled into mainstream consciousness when Michael Rockefeller went missing in 1961.

Were organizing a trip where guests are based on a cruise ship, making their way through dense forests to meet the Asmat tribe,possibly spend a day staying in their homes and witness their elaborate rituals and carvings, the latter celebrated internationally for their intricacy and workmanship.

-Visiting the tattoo people in Myanmar. The Chin state bordering India is one of the least developed in Myanmar.

Urbane Nomads is offering a journey to the Chin villages, where the tattoo people are based on newly opened roads that few, if any foreigners have traversed. Youll be meeting the tattoo people in their village, take a boat cruise on the Chin river and enjoy a home stay in basic but comfortable accommodation in these villages for three days. Local guides familiar with the villagers will be on hand to ensure you make the most of your experience.

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