Turtles Hatch at Baros Maldives

For the first time since its renovation as a luxury resort in 2005, turtles have hatched in the wild at Baros Maldives.

This happened on the morning of Wednesday 21 July 2010 when guests were surprised to see tiny Hawksbill turtle hatchlings emerging from the sand beside Deluxe Villa 117, which is in a quiet area with its own private beach entrance.

The resident marine biologist at Baros Maldives explained that turtles hatch from eggs laid in a hole dug in the sand by the mother turtle about 60 days before. They hatch underground but dig their way out, usually in the late evening or at night and follow the moon light towards the water.

Turtles know by the sand temperature if it is day or night. It was cool on 21 July due to rain and this lowered the sand temperature, enabling guests to enjoy the rare daytime sight of turtles emerging from the sand and scrambling towards the sea.

Turtles Hatched at Baros Maldives

A female turtle usually lays several batches of eggs at two to three week intervals on the same beach, so there is a chance that the same turtle has laid eggs elsewhere on the island. If so, guests are hoping to see another hatching at Baros Maldives soon.

Since turtles prefer to lay eggs on uninhabited islands or quiet beaches, the hatching of Hawksbill turtles at Baros Maldives is seen as a success for the resort’s concept of luxury accommodation created in a sustainable, natural environment.

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