Unlimeat Sandwich to Debut in Hong Kong 7-Eleven Stores

– Unlimeat is rolling out its sandwich in 800 Hong Kong 7-Eleven stores

– Bolstering its lead position in Asia alongside its exports Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and the US

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Unlimeat, a leading alternative meat brand in Asia owned by Zikooin Company, rolled out its vegan meals across 800 7-Eleven locations in Hong Kong. The vegan meat maker’s newly launched "Unlimeat slice sandwich" is marinated using a barbecue sauce tailored to the tastes of Hong Kongers. 7-Eleven Hong Kong has recently expanded its lineup of ready-made vegan meals by releasing kimbap, rice ball and lunch box products using meat substitutes. In addition, Green HOTSHOT, a specialty convenience store chain for vegans, has begun offering Unlimeat noodles in three of its Hong Kong outlets.

Unlimeat Sandwich to Debut in Hong Kong 7-Eleven Stores
Unlimeat Sandwich to Debut in Hong Kong 7-Eleven Stores

According to Green Monday’s May 2020 consumer survey, nearly a quarter of Hong Kong’s population is flexitarian (light vegetarians who eat meat from time to time). Most of the respondents said they practice a complete vegetarian diet once or twice a week, reflecting the city’s steadily growing shift toward veganism.  

COVID-19 has led to a keen interest in healthy diets among Hong Kong citizens. Accordingly, restaurants and grocery stores across the city have added a variety of vegan meals. A consumer insight report by OpenRice Biz, a website publishing Hong Kong restaurant information & research, pointed out that the term vegetarian diet was searched 16% more in September 2020 compared to the previous month and October recorded a 6% increase from September. 

Unlimeat began exporting its products to Hong Kong, mainland China, Vietnam, Australia and the US in January 2019. Renowned restaurants in Asia showcased meals based on Unlimeat’s sliced meat product, adapting it to Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines. Recently, the Hong Kong sushi chain GenKi Sushi launched the "Unlimeat Sushi Roll" across its 60 stores. Tang Palace, a fine dining restaurant serving Asian food in Shanghai, began to use Unlimeat’s products for its Chinese meals. Unlimeat Coriander Egg White Soup from Crystal Jade’s Chinese branch has also caught on among local customers. Crystal Jade is a Singapore-headquartered Chinese restaurant chain with 120 branches worldwide.

Unlimeat Sandwich in 7-Eleven Hong Kong
Unlimeat Sandwich in 7-Eleven Hong Kong

Unlimeat demonstrated its popularity among Asians by winning 3rd place at the Innovation Award of SIAL China 2021, which was held in May 2021 in mainland China.

Zikooin Company owns the brand Unlimeat and has signed a sales contract with Green Common to accelerate expansion into Hong Kong and Chinese mainland markets and to bolster its market position as the leader among Asia’s plant-based meat alternatives. Green Common is a Hong Kong-based vegan food distributor currently supplying its pork alternative brand, OmniPork, along with other brands including Beyond Meat.

Zikooin Company CEO Min, Keum-chae said, "I agree with Green Common CEO David Yeung’s vision of creating a healthier Chinese dietary culture. The partnership will enable us to upgrade Unlimeat’s product lineup and expand our reach in Asia and the growing global Chinese food market.

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