Unusual Things To Do During Your Trip To Africa

When people are asked to think of things to do in Africa, the first thing that often comes to mind is an African safari. That is a great idea indeed, and certainly something to make time for while visiting the continent. But Africa has so much more to offer and so many other things you need to check out.

Ostrich racingOne activity travelers may not think of is ostrich riding. There are several ostrich farms on the continent and, depending on the country and area you are visiting, most provide ostrich rides to tourists for a small fee. Many of these farms are found in South Africa. A few of them are Highgate Ostrich Show Farm, Cango Ostrich Show Farm, and Chandelier Game Lodge and Ostrich Show Farm. The farms have instructors who will help you onto the animal and get you off to a flying start.

Image source: http://www.diseno-art.com/images/Ostrichracing.jpg

Ostriches aren’t the only animals you can get up close and personal with while traveling in Africa. South Africa provides tourists with the opportunity to get very close to the penguins that frequent the Cape Peninsula. The main family of penguins for the area is set up on Foxy Beach, near Cape Town.

South AfricaFoxy is directly next to a small, public property called Boulders Beach, where people swim and sunbathe close to the penguins. Several penguins will join swimmers just off the coast and get so close you can touch them. And a stray penguin or two will often wander over from Foxy Beach to Boulders and catch a tourist’s eye.

Image source: http://www.worldgolf.com/images/destinations/africa/southafrica.jpg¬†While you’re in Cape Town, head on over to Robben Island, where you can take a guided tour of the former penal colony where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Mandela spent 18 years there alongside many leaders of the political parties of South Africa.

Ex-political prisoners are tour guides, so visitors can ask them questions and get their first-hand story of what life was like there during that time. This is one of the most informative tours you can take, as it provides the rare opportunity to interact with knowledgeable primary sources.

But not everyone goes on vacation for the educational benefits. Some travelers are attempting to leave the stresses of work and school behind for a peaceful vacation dedicated to beautiful attractions, relaxing surroundings, and comfortable accommodations. With its gorgeous scenery and luxury resorts, Africa is the perfect place to do just that.

The hotel you choose and all the vacation planning you’ve done beforehand will make all the difference to the success of your renewal. Due to the overwhelming number of options available to travelers within the continent, hooking up with a vacation specialist or agency is the best way to go.

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