Vienna Danube Island Festival held as scheduled

The 26th Danube Island Festival was ceremoniously opened on Friday night in the Danube island as scheduled.

Over the past few days, due to the continuing rainfall, the Danube water rose to such an extent that some of facilities set up for the Danube Island Festival had been soaked by water. Until Wednesday, the organizers of the festival still worried that this year’s Danube Island Festival might be forced to cancel owing to flooding.

Fortunately, from Thursday on, the weather along the Danube valley in Austria began to be fair, and the Danube water level dropped. The flow decreased significantly to alleviate the flood threat. The organizers therefore decided to hold this year’s Danube Island Festival on Friday evening as scheduled.

People were organized to repair and clean up the soaked facilities on Danube islands. A total of 1,000 cubic meters of wood pieces were also shipped to be scattered on the island to prevent the road slippery, muddy, so as to ensure the festival opened as scheduled.

During the three-day festival this year, a total of 13 stages have been set up, and about 2,000 artists will give their music, concerts and other performances for the audiences.

However, for the purpose of environmental protection, security and other considerations, there will be still no fireworks in this year’s Danube Island Festival as last year.

Vienna Danube Island Festival began in 1983. In the past 25 years, the Danube Island Festival attracted more than 50 million audience.

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