Vietnam’s leading dairy company Vinamilk commits to sustainable development with “Green farm” – the ecological dairy farm system at Global Dairy Congress

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At the 15th Global Dairy Congress held from June 14-16 in France, Vinamilk, representative of Vietnam’s dairy industry, shared about sustainable development direction with Vinamilk Green Farm model and the green value chain.

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Coming from Southeast Asia, a region with limited advantages in dairy farming, thus the topic of "Green Farm – Vietnam and South East Asia’s next big step towards sustainability in dairy sector" from Vinamilk received much attention from representatives of other countries at the conference.

"Sustainable development is not just a destination, but a requisite journey that we destined to move forward. Preserving and initiating sustainable values have enable Vinamilk to create and bring to customers products that are not only nutritious but also friendly to the environment" Nguyen Quang Tri, Vinamilk’s CMO, shared with the audience.

Having built the Vinamilk Green Farm during the last two years despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vinamilk’s endeavor demonstrates the brand’s strong commitment in implementing sustainable development strategies.

"I’ve learned a lot about the Green Farm concept during this conference and I’m very impressed that Vinamilk is clearly a world class company. It’s doing things which are among the best in the world available today and I wonder when every farm in Vietnam and Asia will become a green farm because I think that it’s a great concept," Mr. Richard Hall – Chairman of Global Dairy Congress commented on Vinamilk’s sharing.

Vinamilk's CMO presented at Global Dairy Congress
Vinamilk’s CMO presented at Global Dairy Congress

Vinamilk's booth at Global Dairy Congress
Vinamilk’s booth at Global Dairy Congress

Green landscape at Vinamilk Green Farms
Green landscape at Vinamilk Green Farms

Solar energy systems at Vinamilk's farms
Solar energy systems at Vinamilk’s farms

Vinamilk Green Farm – a model of sustainable dairy farm development adapting to local natural conditions with regenerative farming techniques, is developed by Vinamilk following 3 major pillars:

  • Selective sourcing: The 3 Green farms are situated in 3 selective regions of Vietnam, where cow herbs are purebred imported and their feed is meeting GlobalG.A.P standard. These 3 farms are strategically connected to nearby factories to preserve the freshness and quality of raw milk during transportation.
  • Adopting regenerative farming practices to minimize the impact on the environment and communities, such as: utilizing renewable energy, preserve soil & water resources, reduce methane emissions and orders by atomic carbon,…
  • Sustainable practices with innovative technologies throughout the whole process, from breeding to production in order to ensure product quality, animal welfare and environmental goals.

Additionally, the farms and factories in the production chain have created sustainable values for the community, including employment for thousands of locals, improving the laborer skills through training and increased access to modern technology.

The Green Farms also drive local economic development through sustainable agriculture, specifically by purchasing corn and grass for cow feed from local farmers and supporting them by providing organic fertilizers, which plays a significant role in improving their household income.

Furthermore, Vinamilk also gives trainings and encourages farmers to practice sustainable farming methods that compliance with Global G.A.P standard.

Vinamilk has set sustainable development as one of four criteria in its 2022-2026 development strategies to participate in realizing Vietnam’s "Net-Zero" commitment by 2050 as outlined at COP26.

About Vinamilk:

Founded in 1976, Vinamilk is the leading dairy company in Vietnam which is listed among Top 40 largest nutrition companies in the world by revenue and Top 10 of the world’s most valuable dairy brands. Vinamilk’s production and processing units include 16 factories and 14 dairy farms in Vietnam and overseas. Its products have been exported to over 57 countries globally.


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