Winners Announced for Eye Level Literary Award 2020

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On December 4, 2020, Daekyo Culture Foundation successfully held its 28th Eye Level Literary Award (ELLA) ceremony at Daekyo Tower in Seoul. This year’s ceremony was broadcast online due to the pandemic. Only key staff members and local winners were present at the ceremony, adhering to strict health protocols.

Local winners are shown posing at the ceremony - photo courtesy of Daekyo Co., Ltd.
Local winners are shown posing at the ceremony – photo courtesy of Daekyo Co., Ltd.

For the past 28 years, Daekyo Culture Foundation has sponsored the event to discover new authors and to cultivate children’s creativity. 10,000 applications from 10 countries were received this year. Among them 87 were selected as awardees in the following categories: Literature for Children, Children’s Poetry, Teen Literary Composition, and Global.

For the global category, 6 children were selected as winners. This year’s topic asked children how COVID-19 has affected their daily lives. Submissions dealt with themes ranging from virtual learning to unemployment. For the Illustrated Writing subcategory, the grand prize goes to Hannah Chen (6, Mainland China), Silver to Ally Zi Xin Lim (4, Singapore), and Bronze to Surabhi Srikumar (6, India). In the Writing subcategory for seniors, Zabrina Yu Yiu Chau (11, Hong Kong) receives the Grand prize, Amaar Halani (12, U.S.A) receives silver, and Zay Lin Phyo (12, Myanmar) receives bronze. All winners receive a cash prize.

The grand prize for the Teen Literary Composition, a new category, goes to Na Hyun Kwon (18, Korea) from Anyang Arts High School.

The Children’s Poetry category saw 63 prize recipients. The grand prize winner is Ji In Choi (10, Korea) from Incheon Myeong Sun elementary school.

Lastly, in the Literature for Children category, 5 up-and-coming authors were chosen as winners in which 3 are from the "Fairy Tale" subcategory and 2 are from the "Picture Book" subcategory.

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