Xinhua Silk Road: GOVKING releases GoldMax’s Love grass-fed formula on live streaming platforms

HAIKOU, China, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hainan GOVKING Group recently brought the new product of its formula brand GoldMax’s Love into a live broadcast studio in Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone and the party secretary of the FTZ Lu Min showed up to promote the product.

GOVKING releases GoldMax's Love grass-fed formula on live streaming platforms
GOVKING releases GoldMax’s Love grass-fed formula on live streaming platforms

"Choosing formula is the top priority of a family, and only the right one can provide healthy and safe nutrition for the baby," Lu said.

The grass-fed milk powder product, jointly developed by GoldMax and Fonterra Co-operative Group, a well-known dairy company from New Zealand, will meet the high-end nutritional needs of Chinese consumers, according to Lu.

"Grass-fed milk powder follows the principle of natural and free-range breeding," said Wu Suguo, president of GOVKING Group (GoldMax, New Zealand). GoldMax is among the first batch of Chinese milk powder brands certified by New Zealand AsureQuality for grass-fed milk, which reflects the excellent brand value.

GOVKING Group and Haikou Integrated FTZ inaugurated the GOVKING cross-border e-commerce live streaming incubator, officially announcing that the two sides will make full use of their respective advantages to jointly build the incubator.

The event was broadcast live by Xinhua Silk Road to consumers in many countries around the world, as well as platforms such as kuaishou, vzan, and taobao. The live broadcast attracted a total of 4.57 million online views, and online sales topped ten million yuan.

GoldMax’s Love, a high-end formula product in New Zealand, has been a top selling brand for four consecutive years since it was put on the shelves in the duty-free shops in Hainan in 2015.

In the future, GoldMax will embrace the new wave of short video clips and live broadcast for e-commerce, and cultivate a marketing ecosystem of celebrities, social media influencers and talents.

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