New Global Addiction Recovery and Overdose Prevention App

BETTER App Available for Download TODAY

VANCOUVER, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A new mobile app has been developed to connect people around the world who are seeking recovery from addiction with a support community that wants to help – potentially saving lives.

Last Door Recovery Society
Last Door Recovery Society

The BETTER app is free on IOS and Android stores and provides individuals who may be isolated and do drugs alone, and those in recovery, with a platform that improves the connection to a support community of family, friends, and allies.

The development of the app is motived to connect those who are recovering and the harm reduction community in one safe space, said BETTER Project Manager Giuseppe Ganci. "For years, harm reduction services and recovery services have been separated and operating in silos. BETTER seeks to bring all pathways of recovery and harm reduction together."

Kathy Wagner of British Columbia, Canada suffered the very tragic loss of her son Tristan to an overdose, and suggests, "This app will connect people who need help with people who want to help – and will save lives."

Wagner continued, "After years of struggling with substance abuse, my son found friends, connection, and wellness in recovery. But, like so many others, recovery wasn’t a straight path for him. If he’d been using the Better App to support his recovery, it’s more likely he would have reached out to find a safety net when he relapsed. It’s more likely he would have been alive today to continue his recovery journey and share his talents with the world."

By using smart phone technology and tapping on the Safety Net tab – Volunteer Peer Monitors will be on standby, and if they suspect an overdose, they can contact local first responders. Friends, family, and allies can volunteer as monitors in the app, or users’ personal contacts can be made available as Safety Net monitors.  

The BETTER app was developed by the Last Door Recovery Society, a nonprofit Canadian-based charity that provides addiction treatment for youth, adults, and families.

"Keeping everyone connected and safer is imperative for our communities," said Jared Nilsson, Executive Director Last Door Recovery Society." The fact that this is now available around the world makes us extremely proud."

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