Zest Air undershoots Caticlan Runway : around 26 injured

According to ABS-CBNNEWS.com, Three passengers were injured after a Zest Air (formerly Asian Spirit) plane crashed Sunday morning at the Caticlan airport in Malay Aklan Philippines.

The airline’s ZEST MA60 Aircraft Flight 865 undershot the Caticlan airport runway, leaving two children and one crew member injured.

“About 0657 am today, ZEST MA60 Aircraft Flight 865 undershot runway at Caticlan airport with 22 adult pax 2 children 1 staff member. No passengers suffered major injuries,” Ciron said in a text message.

ZestAir 3
Zest Air in Caticlan Airport

After swerving 180 degrees, the plane crashed near Caticlan airport’s passenger lounge.

The Caticlan runway was closed because of the incident, causing a Cebu Pacific ATR aircraft to be grounded in the Caticlan airport. Flights are back to normal as of this writing.

Zest Airways started as Asian Spirit, an airline based in Pasay City, Manila in the Philippines. It operates scheduled domestic and international tourist services, mainly feeder services linking Manila and Cebu with 24 domestic destinations in support of the trunk route operations of other airlines.

ZestAir 2
Zest Air Plane Crash

On the same month last year January 2, 2008, Asian Spirit Flight 321, an NAMC YS-11 departing from Manila, piloted by Captain Alexandro Tiglao with First Officer Dominick Mendoza as co-pilot, overshot the runway at Masbate Airport at 7:30 a.m., due to heavy tailwinds with gustiness reaching 14 knots while landing on runway 21. Although none of the 47 passengers were seriously injured, the accident destroyed the aircraft’s nozzle, the plane’s right propeller and its right and nose wheel, and caused the plane’s fuel tank to leak.

Sources: ABS-CBNNews.com and Wikipedia

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