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A new boost for the Mallorca tourism in May

A holiday on the Balearic Islands has never been so available and easy for organizing than now. The largest island of the archipelago, Mallorca, not only has everything you need for a dream holiday, but after May this year, it promises more convenient and comfortable traveling to and from the resort.

If you think that everything on this outstanding summer resort on the Mediterranean Sea is dedicated to give you the best holiday in your life, then you’re right!

After May this year each visitor to Mallorca will enjoy the comfort and the ease of traveling to the island, because of the progress of the big project for enlarging Module C at Palma airport.

The new hub, already called with the nickname the “Mediterranean Hub”, will start operating in May, according to the two years’ plan. The benefits for the travelers to and from Mallorca are expected to be countless. It is supposed to make the connections of the international flights easier for passengers who are transferring from one flight to another.

The expectations of this significant investment are to attract airline companies for organizing long distance flights and using the Mediterranean Hub as an interconnection point for international passengers.

It is believed that it will rapidly enhance the all-year-round tourism in the region. Local companies already offer attractive packages of services, such as hire car Mallorca.

Visitors can easily plan their holiday according to their taste and preferences, and take an advantage of high quality services and facilities. The operating of the Mediterranean Hub will be especially useful for business travelers, who have limited time and need more flexible options for their traveling. Read the full story

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