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World’s First Medical Tourism Documentary to be shown in Los Angeles at Medical Tourism Conference

The Medical Tourism Association has spent a year producing a documentary on Medical Tourism called, “Angels Overseas ~ Costa Rica Edition.” The documentary provides insight into the high quality of healthcare that Americans and traveling patients worldwide can receive when they travel to a foreign country.

This documentary is the story, about Bob, one of the 50 million Americans without comprehensive health insurance who traveled to Costa Rica for a double knee replacement, saving $80,000. Deloitte estimates that in 2010, 1.6 million Americans will leave the US for medical care overseas.

“I believe the growth of the industry pivots on increasing the demand for international healthcare services through a campaign of education and communication between patients and providers and between insurance companies and their employer clients. This has been a personal project for me that I have been very passionate about in an effort to facilitate consumer awareness about the opportunities in medical tourism,” says Renee-Marie Stephano, Esquire, President of the Medical Tourism Association.

“Angels Overseas” provides the vision of connecting the supply and demand for high quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible,” she added. Read the full story

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Medical Travel Experts Global MD Participated In The Self-Insurance Institute Of America’s Annual Conference For Self-Insured Employeers

Medical Travel experts Global MD, Inc.’s Amanda Hayes-Kibreab, Esq. (http://www.yourglobalmd.com) attended the Self-Insurance Institute of America’s annual conference for self-insured employers. At the conference, Ms. Hayes-Kibreab met with a variety of health care companies, insurers, third party administrators, employers and stakeholders to introduce them to the benefits of medical travel. Ms. Hayes Kibreab introduced conference participants to Global MD’s global network of elite healthcare providers in Asia and Latin America with renown expertise in providing treatment at significant reduced cost.

Across the U.S., many employers are struggling under the weight of providing health care benefits. More and more employers are being forced to reduce benefits or even drop benefits all together. Medical travel offers an alternative. Global MD’s network of international providers can offer business a unique competitive advance in the realm of benefits. Using Global MD’s network, employers can offer competitive benefits at significantly reduced prices that will remain predictable into the future. Read the full story

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Medical Tourism Will Help Solve U.S. Healthcare Woes, Futurist Claims

Medical tourism is set to become a big part of the solution to U.S. healthcare woes. Or so stated noted speaker and futurist Dr. Michael G. Zey, author of Ageless Nation, in his recent speech at the World Future Society conference in Washington DC.

In his DC speech he emphasized the key role medical tourism will play in the global healthcare system. According to Dr. Zey, it has been estimated that over 1 million Americans have sought some form of treatment in countries such as India, Mexico, and Thailand, for valve replacements, hip replacements, liver transplant, dental work, surgical oncology.

As early as 2010 medical travel could become a $40-billion business attracting as many as 780 million patients. Driving this new industry are factors such as lower medical costs overseas, superior service overseas, lack of adequate health insurance at home, and in many cases the attraction of exotic tourism packages that are bundled with the medical travel. Read the full story

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