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Mainland China tourists to Taiwan expected to reach 600,000

The Chinese mainland and Taiwan expected cross-Strait tourism to attract at least 600,000 mainland tourists this year, Monday’s China Daily reported.

The ambitious target comes one year after the island was opened up to mainland tourists.

About 383,300 mainland tourists visited the island in the past year, according to the Cross-Straits Tourism Association (CSTA) in Beijing.

Both sides want to grow the figure to at least 600,000 this year.

taiwan beachDuring a round table conference in Beijing on Saturday, CSTA President Shao Qiwei and Taiwan Strait Tourism Association (TSTA) Chairwoman Janice Lai declared the past year’s achievement “a good start”.

TSTA statistics suggested that 85 percent of mainland tourists were satisfied with their trips to Taiwan.

Fewer than 10 percent were not satisfied with the tight schedules and long hours on the road.

In the peak season of March and April, mainland tourists flock to the same scenic spots and restaurants at the same time, resulting in lower service standards. Read the full story

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HongKong, Macao and Taiwan stays attractive for travelers

Outbound travel to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao remains popular with mainland travelers during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday season, an online survey has showed.

About 11 percent of people polled in an online survey released by market research firm Nielsen during the weekend picked overseas travel destinations over domestic ones for the coming vacation, with the top three places for short-haul trips being Hong Kong (60 percent), Taiwan (29 percent) and Macao (23 percent).

Hong Kong Tourism

Hong Kong Tourism

“In these challenging economic times, travelers on the mainland are looking for ways to save, including organizing trips themselves and planning short- to medium- haul trips,” said Grace Pan, head of travel and leisure research at Nielsen’s China operations.

The number of tourists from the Chinese mainland visiting Taiwan during the weeklong Spring Festival holiday season, which starts next week, will hit 10,000 travelers, Oma Hai, chairman of the China Travel Agencies Association and director of ProTour Travel Co in Taiwan, said last week Read the full story

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Taiwan’s China tourism boom stumbles amid financial turmoil

Taiwan welcomed the first Chinese visitors arriving on direct flights three months ago as a boon for tourism, but global financial troubles and local political uncertainty might deflate such hopes.

Taiwan has severely limited trade and travel with China since the two sides split at the end of a civil war in 1949, but change has been rapid since Beijing-friendly Ma Ying-jeou became president in May.

His government resumed talks with Beijing in June, which led to the launch of regular direct flights and tripling the number of Chinese allowed to visit the island to 3,000 daily the following month. Read the full story

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