Contributing to stable employment, the Gui-Jiang-Xing project demonstrates the corporate social responsibility of Shanghai Guijiu

CHENGDU, China, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As of now in 2022, the number of Chinese graduates has exceeded 10 million for the first time. Under the current situation, Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Guijiu) (SH600696) and its subsidiary, Shanghai Guijiu Technology officially launched the Gui-Jiang-Xing project on July 19th, aiming to build a platform for college students to start their internship, employment and entrepreneurship by means of short-video entrepreneurial training and new media account incubation programs. The first batch of students to be recruited home and abroad has reached 1,000.

Alan Yan, the President of Shanghai Guijiu, together with leaders from well-known local colleges in Sichuan Province and student representatives from universities around the world, discussed at the conference how Shanghai Guijiu helps college students with their employment and assists young people with enthusiasm for new media entrepreneurship to realize their dual value in terms of business and society in practice.

Develop an employment and entrepreneurship platform to contribute to the high-quality employment for college students

Innovation is the most obvious strength of Shanghai Guijiu. The company has adopted and implemented the talent strategy of ‘rejuvenation, specialization, diversification and internationalization’ so as to empower young talents and promote the common development of the company and the entire industry.

Shanghai Guijiu will provide the production teams with free training courses on new media account operation, account start-up funds and generous bonus incentives and job opportunities. In addition, Shanghai Guijiu will also open one-on-one service accounts for the digital Baijiu experience store of Guijiu Jiang, the brand of Shanghai Guijiu Technology and allow creative freedom to the teams.

People-oriented to create the future development engine of the company

It is increasingly difficult and competitive for college students to get jobs. For companies, to find excellent talents who are willing to grow with the employer has always been an important subject at the same time.

People-oriented ideas reflect the corporate culture of Shanghai Guijiu and talents are the most important underlying logic of the company. Therefore, rejuvenation ranks the first in Shanghai Guijiu’s brand positioning of ‘rejuvenation, diversification, specialization and internationalization’.

The Gui-Jiang-Xing project launched by Shanghai Guijiu has not only proactively responded to the national call to develop an internship, employment and entrepreneurship platform for college students, but also helped college students to explore their values in practice. At the same time, it enables Shanghai Guijiu to find excellent talents who conform to the company’s values and are willing to grow with the company.

Led by digitalization and enable the innovative development of Chinese Baijiu industry

The consumer products industry has been facing development dilemma due to the impact of the COVID-19 since 2020. Meanwhile, the difficulties have also brought iterative updates of consumption scenarios and models. With the rapid development of the internet and 5G, Chinese Baijiu companies have vigorously promoted digital transformation and started a new era of digital development.

Responding to that, Shanghai Guijiu Technology has completed the digital upgrade of the community stores collaborating with Guijiu Jiang through the ‘Happy Stores’ program. Based on direct product supply and digital marketing strategies, it empowers the community stores and provides space for the digital development of the traditional retail.

From the perspective of the industry, the ‘Happy Stores’ program lies in the accurate ‘big data’ generated by the acquaintances. Since the owners of the community stores are the community residents, they have a better understanding of the community and the local market. They are able to accurately capture, timely feedback, dynamically adjust and meet consumer demands, so as to enable  Shanghai Guijiu products to better tap into the consumer markets. As of now, the program has covered more than 3,000 community stores across the country. The launch of the Gui-Jiang-Xing project will be undoubtedly further conducive to the new retail model of over 3,000 ‘Happy Stores’.

Jason Wu, the President of Shanghai Guijiu Technology indicated that, "The employment and entrepreneurship platform established by the Gui-Jiang-Xing project will not only support the college students with enthusiasm for new media entrepreneurship to achieve their dreams, but also benefit more than 3,000 community ‘Happy Stores’ all over the country."

Alan Yan, the President of Shanghai Guijiu said that, "In addition to providing high-quality products to consumers and more job opportunities to the society, Shanghai Guijiu is also committed to encouraging more college students with creative thinking and strong entrepreneurial desire to realize their dreams through the Gui-Jiang-Xing project. In the future, Shanghai Guijiu will establish a new talent highland for the Chinese Baijiu industry, providing a stage for young people to carry out their own business. And we can also find the future leaders of Shanghai Guijiu."

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