100 Billion Live Probiotics in a Bottle: TCI JAPAN Launched its Breakthrough, SCIENCE OF PROBIOTICS, After 20 Years of Research

TAIPEI, June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Probiotic drinks now available on the market often cannot fully exert the effect despite the content of lactic acid bacteria because live bacteria in the drinks can be killed over time or due to poor storage, which causes the numbers of live probiotics consumed by people to decrease by tens of thousands of times compared to the probiotic counts infused into the drinks. Fortunately, after 20 years of research and development, SCIENCE OF PROBIOTICS by TCI JAPAN finally broke through the existing limitations and found new ways to create innovative probiotic beverages.

SCIENCE OF PROBIOTICS_TCI JAPAN’s New Probiotic Formula Containing 100 Billion Live Probiotics
SCIENCE OF PROBIOTICS_TCI JAPAN’s New Probiotic Formula Containing 100 Billion Live Probiotics

Lactic acid bacteria refer to a group of bacteria that can convert sugars (such as glucose, lactose, etc.) into lactic acid by fermentation. Lactic acid bacteria are widely used in the manufacturing of fermented foods, such as kimchi, soy sauce and wine. Also, lactic acid bacteria are also in beverages to produce probiotic drinks that are widely considered health beverages.

Lactic acid bacteria are the most important group of "probiotics", and probiotics are defined as "a certain type or multiple types of microorganisms that can improve the quality of the intestinal flora when fed to humans or animals". Lactic acid bacteria have been consumed for a wide range of health benefits in Japan for years. While the general application of lactic acid bacteria in Asia is mainly for digestive health, in Japan, probiotic products are not only designed for intestinal health care but for the improvement of eye health, joint health, fat loss, allergy symptoms, and so on. By colonizing the intestinal tract, lactic acid bacteria can exert their effect on intestinal regulation. Currently, many lactic acid bacteria beverages or lactic acid bacteria preparations for intestinal regulation are formulated with lactic acid bacteria isolated from the human intestine to enhance the colonization in the human body. A number of clinical experiments have confirmed that the lactic acid bacteria derived from human intestines do have a beneficial effect on intestinal regulation and reduce the pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

TCI JAPAN’s SCIENCE OF PROBIOTICS is the first in the industry to announce its development of a new patented process where high-efficiency fermentation technology is used to infuse into each tiny glass bottle of drink with 100 billion live probiotics, roughly equal to the total probiotic count in ten bottles of common lactic acid bacteria drinks. In addition, using cutting-edge technology, high counts of live bacteria can be maintained in the drinks, so that consumers can truly enjoy high-potency, quick-acting and long-acting probiotic beverages. This is an epoch-making technological innovation. In the modern age with increasing consumer awareness, Japan takes the lead in the health food industry in Asia and has successfully utilized scientific research and development to make truly good products.

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