1MORE’s top-end earbuds deliver Hi-Res Wireless audio at an accessible price point, while offering 42dB of immersive Hybrid Noise Cancellation, six microphones containing a deep learning algorithm, and expertly tuned dual divers. This is sound, but evolved.

SAN DIEGO, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — will soon announce the evolution of their original CES 2020 Award-winning True Wireless ANC earbuds, with their . Building upon their trademark dual driver, these earbuds will boast a frequency response from 20Hz to 40kHz, delivering extreme audio quality and earning the earbuds a Hi-Res Audio certification. What’s more, together with 4-time Grammy award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi, and 1MORE’s continued partnership with Sonarworks, the will deliver incredible clarity, punchy bass, crispy vocals, unrivalled details and a wide soundstage which are excellent even at low volumes. Factoring in the support of the LDAC codec, the EVO will provide a decoding rate up to 990Kbps to deliver a fully enriched detailed soundscape and accurate music reproduction.

1MORE EVO, the brand's award-winning LDAC true wireless earbuds deliver Hi-Res Wireless sound that rivals wired audiophile headphones.
1MORE EVO, the brand’s award-winning LDAC true wireless earbuds deliver Hi-Res Wireless sound that rivals wired audiophile headphones.

The ultimate wireless audio experience commands an equally immersive noise cancellation suite to allow audiophiles to enjoy the accurate reproduction of any selected medium for their auditory pleasure. The will adopt its renowned QuietMax technology by combining both a feedforward and feedback microphone on each of the earbuds that can capture the ambient frequencies both outside the earbuds and inside the cavity to cancel unwanted frequencies and deliver the signature sound that 1MORE is well-known for. All in all, the will achieve an astonishing 42dB of total noise cancellation for not only outstanding resolution, but a tranquil sound experience. This QuietMax suite is further bolstered by multiple noise cancelling options to switch between including, but not limited to, an ‘Adaptive ANC’ that can be toggled on or off and will intelligently detect the ambient noise via an algorithm that will remove the surrounding noise. The buds will automatically change the levels of the noise suppression accordingly for the best possible listening experience.

The ups the ante further by including two transparency modes to switch between. A traditional Pass-through mode allows the user to let in the ambient sound that can be particularly useful in situations such a heavy traffic being more aware of the surroundings. If this wasn’t enough, 1MORE will also include an additional Voice Enhancement mode that amplifies frequencies such as those of human voices to stand out even better in situations such as encounters with passing commuters or to listen out for important announcements on a train platform. Moreover, the is tuned and ready for calls with a total of six microphones and an AI-powered Deep Neural Network algorithm seamlessly work together to filter out surrounding noises and direct your voice when you’re on the phone to provide crystal-clear conversations.

The earbuds will offer both a 15-minute fast charge for 4-hours of musical enjoyment, and support for Qi wireless charging for sheer convenience. In total, these truly are a pair of earbuds you can go anywhere with, offering up to 28-hours of playtime. Dual-device connection support is also available via the 1MORE MUSIC App for seamless swapping as the buds can connect to two devices simultaneously with Bluetooth 5.2. And for that extra piece of mind, the EVO buds’ 3D panel is crafted out of smooth ceramic that can also effectively reduce electromagnetic signal interference, keeping a stable audio transmission wherever you go.

The 1MORE EVO will be available worldwide on May 10th on all Amazon marketplaces, the 1MORE USA website, AliExpress and Goboo. Furthermore, 1MORE are offering $30/£25/€30 off for the first 30 days at Amazon marketplaces and via the discount code ‘EVO30’ redeemable on the .


1MORE specializes in acoustic design and development, smart software, and wearable audio products. Born with a profound mission to deliver superior audio quality at consumer-friendly prices. Additionally, 1MORE’s products have received multiple industry and design awards including prestigious CES Innovation awards, RedDot, iF Design awards and other major industry accolades. 

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