2021 Taiwan Gourmet Food Festival runs in Thailand

Taiwan Delicacies for the World!

TAIPEI, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 2021 Taiwan Gourmet Food Festival featuring 30 specialty gourmet food brands from Taiwan is landing in Thailand, according to Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs. Currently enjoying hot sales on PChome Thai, a Thailand-based e-commerce platform, are the much sought-after Taiwanese delicacies including "Top selling instant noodles", "Premium coffee for your home", "Popular tea brands on the internet" and "Blissful desserts". We hope to help Thai consumers acquire a taste for all flavors from Taiwan’s signature delicacies, be it sweets, savories, solids or drinks.

2021 Taiwan Gourmet Food Festival runs in Thailand
2021 Taiwan Gourmet Food Festival runs in Thailand

The 2021 Taiwan Gourmet Food Festival runs from August 16 to September 30. Packed with authentic Taiwanese gourmet food, beverages and gift packs, the e-commerce platform has a user-friendly Thai interface with a speedy local delivery. For instance, costumers can find on PChome Thai the popular Sheriff Tea Eggs; ITSO Tea with an enduring aftertaste; aromatic HWC Roasters coffee; MAZENDO’s spicy appetizing noodles; and Ah-Tsung Shih Pastries that are fit for state banquets.

Additionally, any purchase of Baht $800 or more will be entitled to promotional discounts. Dear Thai friends, come and surrender to Taiwanese goodies galore in those moments of feeling peckish (For more details, please visit https://reurl.cc/1Y5kq8).    

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