Armenia Wildlife In Cyclopean And Modern Culture

Lake Sevan now is the largest sweat lake in Transcaucasus, but that’s not the only enticement bringing visitors of Armenia to dazzling cool blue waters and picturesque mountainsides. Its stunning landscape shaped by millions of years of volcanic eruptions veils remnants of antique monuments and undiscovered culture. It gives the feeling of mystery; a breath of a wonderland connecting ancient and modern lifestyle: plant life, unique spices of birds and prehistoric culture.

There are monuments in Sevan old constructions of cyclopean fortresses. Some say there are over 40 of them around the lake. Cyclopean name often applied to a primitive method of structures huge irregular stones, fitted together with good quality joining, evidencing the traditions of ancient inhabitants.

The lakeshore habitat especially on Ardaneesh Peninsula is relatively undisturbed, which makes it a great location for a quiet get-a-way. It is Sevan National Park with around 1000 different plant species which survive in sharp climatic changes. Among the more common forms of plant life are pine and apricot trees, juniper, rose plants, and calm meadows. In the spring the mountainsides are covered in a carpet of wild flowers.

The shores of the lake are suitable breeding grounds for about sixty different species of birds, served resting and wintering area for those migrating from Eastern Europe to Africa. Migrants include the Greater Flamingo, Great White Pelican, Whooper Swan, Great Black-Headed Gull, several shorebirds such as Curlew Sandpiper, Dunlin, Little Stint, and others. It worth to enjoy the sights and sounds of the current inhabitants and, perhaps, discover species that are newcomers to the area.

Summer season Sevan is popular resort and vacation area with comfortable hotels situated close to beautiful seashores.

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