Basic Tips For Selling Endowment Policies

Selling endowment policies can be a very stressful time for anyone. If you decide to stop your endowment policy and sell it, it is very important to check your policy and make sure that it is worthwhile doing this. If you are not going to get a decent amount of money for it then there is no point selling it now and you may as well either carry on searching until you get a better deal or wait a couple months as you may get a better deal then.

When people are selling their endowment policies, chances are that they want to get the ordeal over with as quickly and easily as possible. Sometimes it can be a long and stressful process but there are a few tips you can follow in order to ensure that you sell yours as quickly and easily as possible.

There are many different reasons why people are selling endowment policies. One of these may because the policy isn’t performing very well. If this is the case then selling up is a wise move because there is no point in putting money into something that isn’t getting you results and in a couple months the value may deteriorate even further.

Obviously, in order to work out how much endowment policies are worth the company you are selling it to needs to know some information about your policy. The majority of the information that they will need will be displayed on the policy certificate and the last bonus statement you received. Without this information it is still possible to sell your policy but it will take longer than it will if you have this information to hand.

In order to value endowment policies, the company you are thinking of selling it to will need an up to date surrender value for it. You can get this by phoning your life office and asking for the information. Once this has been done the process of selling your policy can move a lot faster.

People frequently confuse their death benefit with their sum assured values. In order to value your policy the company needs to correct Sum Assured value of it but people usually confuse this with the policy’s death benefit. This often leads to delays because the company then need to get the correct information and start again.

The Sum Assured value is actually the minimum payout that the life office you are with would make if you were to continue paying the premiums up until the policy’s maturity date. It is fairly easy to work this out because in most cases, the Sum Assured will be less than the total value of the premiums you will pay during the lifetime of the policy.

One of the best tips that you can get is to ensure that you do your research when you are investigating selling endowment policies. This is because firstly you don’t want to rush into anything and end up making a bad decision.

As well as this, by looking around at several companies and taking your time over it means that you are more likely to get the deal that you are looking for. If you are in a rush and go with the first company you look at you could end up selling your policy for a lot less than what you could have done.

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