Berlin Travel Guide

Berlin is the largest city and the capital of Germany. Due to the division of the western and eastern part of Berlin from 1949 until 1989, Berlin became one of the most diverse city in the European Union. Currently Berlin has a population of approximately Three and a half million people.

Berlin became an important part of the expansion of the European Union and it is also the center of culture and politics of Germany. The city of Berlin popular for its universities, as well as its museums and research facilities.

Berlin is a great tourist destination to visit any times of the year. The city is a busy tourist destination during the summer because they offer great tours in berlin. When it comes to attractions, Berlin is a city which has something for everyone.

Berlin’s urban landscape and historical legacy has made it a popular setting for international film productions. Recognized for its festivals, contemporary architecture, nightlife and avant-garde arts, Berlin has evolved into a focal point for individuals attracted by liberal lifestyle, modern zeitgeist and low cost of living.

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