Business forced closed during COVID-19, this Vietnamese entrepreneur turned around to release the national hit song to fight back the pandemic

HANOI, Vietnam, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Last week, amid Vietnam’s nation-wide full lockdown, serial entrepreneur / artist Minh Beta released the song "Viet Nam oi! Danh Bay COVID" (Let’s Fight COVID!). This catchy song was officially endorsed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health to uplift the nation’s spirit during the fight against the pandemic.  

Interestingly, inspiration for the optimistic song came from his most difficult time. Graduated from Harvard Business School in 2014, Minh Beta returned to Vietnam to build Beta Cineplex with a mere capital of $250,000 and within 5 years turn it into a $USD 40 million business, as valued by its investors from the US, Hong Kong and Japan. In February 2020, as Vietnam battled with COVID-19, his cinema chain and most businesses in the service sector were forced to close. Instead of being dismayed, Minh Beta picked the fight against the pandemic in the most positive way: to cheer the nation with his upbeat song. The move echoes the resilient spirit of Vietnam: to keep on fighting and never give up. 

Co-produced by Minh Beta and YellowBlocks, the music video quickly went viral. With positive yet touching lyrics, the video features Minh Beta and guest stars in an interesting superheroes twist. "Our belief in the impact of this project has enabled us to move mountains to execute the campaign within 2 weeks. We chose the superheroes concept to appreciate the unsung heroes who are tirelessly working in the front lines of the pandemic (namely doctors, researchers, soldiers, reporters…), and also call out the heroic virtue in each individual to support the fight "said Minh Beta. He believes the nation will soon declare victory against COVID-19, and his business will rise above the challenge. 

"From Vietnam, to the world, Let’s unite to fight Corona" – this is the spirit of the song and the reason why we can rally support from our partners. Vietnam put all effort to leave no one behind in this fight and we are on the quest to spread the positive message of unity and resilience to the global audience. The English version of the song will soon be released on global platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music,… " Kimiko Doan from YellowBlocks further shared the campaign’s  ambition to go global.

Link to the Youtube video

Just 1 day after its release on March 31st, the music video reached millions of views across different platforms and became number 1 on Zingchart of ZingMP3 (the most popular local music site). The song inspired thousands of fanmade contents, totalling more than 20 million views. It is also heavily rotated on TV and radio channels, and was used as the default ringtone by major mobile networks. Mr. Dinh Anh Nguyen, Head of Emulation and Commendation Department of the Ministry of Health, commented "This is the best motivational song at this right time to call for citizens to be together with the health sector to win the war against the pandemic."

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