Western Canadian tourism industry and Government of Canada Implement International Marketing Campaign (Manitoba)

The Tourism Alliance for Western Canada will implement an international marketing campaign to stimulate tourism in Western Canada thanks to funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada.

The $5 million investment will promote Western Canada as a tourist destination in key target markets across the United States, Europe and Asia.

“Our government is standing up for Western Canada’s traditional industries,” said the Honourable Vic Toews, President of the Treasury Board, on behalf of the Honourable Rona Ambrose, President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of Western Economic Diversification. “Tourism contributes over $1 billion to Manitoba’s economy and nearly $18 billion to the Canadian economy.” Continue Reading

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Ukraine’s International Remembrance Flame Begins Canadian tour in Toronto on April 18

An International Remembrance Flame to raise awareness of the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian genocide known as Holodomor, or extermination by famine and to gain formal Canadian and international recognition of this atrocity begins its journey across Canada in
Toronto on Friday April 18.

The Flame tour honors the estimated 10 million Ukrainian men, women and children who were subjected to starvation and death in 1932-33 by the communist regime of Joseph Stalin as part of his effort to eradicate Ukraine as a country.

Toronto resident, 87-year old Stefan Horlatsch, a survivor of the genocide, will participate in the Flame handover event at Toronto City Hall which is part of the opening of the Holodomor exhibit “Genocide by Famine” which will be on display until April 26. Mr. Horlatsch will escort the Flame on its 14 city tour of Canada which officially begins in Winnipeg on April 20 and ends in Ottawa on May 26.

The Flame started its journey in Australia and will travel to 33 countries before arriving in Ukraine in November. Continue Reading

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The Canadian Spa Industry Conference & Expo in Vancouver in April 2008 Is Different From Other Spa Shows

It is the major gathering of the industry in Canada, and is modeled after the ISPA (International Spa Association) event. Many of the same speakers will be at the Canadian Spa Industry Conference and tradeshow. April 6 – 8, 2008.


1. The majority of trade shows provide no opportunity for networking and socializing between peers; we provide a number of targeted networking events which are a very valuable opportunity to connect with the key movers and shakers in our industry in a relaxed, social setting.

2. Owners Forum and the high level of business education delivered by world-class speakers are designed for your success; they provide tools you can use to differentiate yourself from the competition.

3. Topics like: Staff and HR Strategies, Safety and Quality Assurance, Sustainability, Spa Research-How to make it work it for your spa, Media and Marketing- How to raise your profile. Continue Reading

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Best Of Vancouver Island Tour Offered

Port Alberni, British Columbia – Rainbird Excursions is proud to announce a new concept in adventure tourism on Vancouver Island, a seven-day, six-night experience called “The Best of Vancouver Island”. It will be an all-inclusive escorted holiday for a maximum of 10 guests.

Almost all of the multi-day tours of Vancouver Island currently offered by large operators are based in major urban centers outside Vancouver Island. Many of them are bus tours with 30 to 40 people on the trip. In contrast, Rainbird Excursions’ owner, Sandy McRuer, is a long-time resident of Vancouver Island. He has assembled a soft adventure package that introduces the best features of Vancouver Island to first-time visitors to the island, from the beaches of the Pacific Rim to the alpine landscapes of Forbidden Plateau, and including wine-tours and marine cruises as well.

McRuer worked for many years as a professional forester before starting his latest adventure. He brings his professional knowledge, experience and approach to interpreting the natural ecosystems of the Island. “When you’re working in forestry, you cover a lot of ground,” he says, “In order to manage the forest effectively you need to understand, not only how trees grow, but also, how to identify most of the local plants, what the needs of salmon and trout are, the habits of deer, bear, elk, and a variety of birds, also what kinds of hillsides are liable to slide, and so on.” Continue Reading

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Holidaywhistler.com – Accommodations in Whistler

Holidaywhistler.com offers great range of Whistler accommodation and Whistler lodging including chalets, townhomes and condos.  There are multiple adventure activities available in whistler that caters to your family and group of friends. The pristine waters in the lakes provide you a unique and wonderful opportunity to take the time to have that little swim with your kids. You could also engage in sailing and diving if you want physical activity.

This is one of the few places that offer you the opportunity to ski in summer. Just go to the glaciers to have that skiing opportunity without the crowds. Continue Reading

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