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How Backpackers Should Layer Clothing Without Hindering Mobility

Many backpackers go about layering clothing the wrong way. It is a common misconception that the layers must be thick. Layering in thick layers really limits mobility and is not really functional for backpacking. The best way to layer is with thin clothing. Thin layers means you can have more layers. This is far more functional than a few thick layers.

There are several reasons why you would want to use multiple thin layers. For s start, thin layering makes it easier to move. Also, you are not weighed down by bulk and therefore you can keep your mobility at its optimum consistent with keeping sufficiently warm. In addition, several layers makes it easier to adjust your layering. If you get too warm, you can simply remove a layer. Since the layers are thin you will not be removing much clothing. This helps in two ways. You will not have to now carry a thick, bulky piece of clothing. With a thin layer you have a gradual change, so you won’t have to keep taking off and putting on clothing as your body temperature fluctuates. If you are wearing a few thick layers, taking off one can make for a dramatic change. Continue Reading

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