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Denmark expects upturn in tourism industry this year

An upturn in tourism industry is expected this year in Denmark after a dismal year in 2009, according to news reaching here from Copenhagen.

“All the local markets from where most of our tourists come have been hit hard by the financial crisis — Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK — they’ve all experienced huge drops in production, and that adversely affected consumer spending, including holiday budgets,” said a report published by the Copenhagen Post.

According to the report, tourism in Denmark generates about 127, 000 jobs both directly and indirectly nationwide, a figure representing every 20th job in the country. It also contributes tax revenues of some 22.7 billion kroner (about 4.3 billion U.S. dollars), of which 85 percent goes to the state.

Analysts said business tourism was strongly influenced by the economic slowdown since the travel budget is an easy place to save.

VisitDenmark believes that the worst is over, predicting a 5- percent growth in the number of overnight stays but the industry could reach 2007 levels in another two years, the report said.

It also said that Denmark’s tourism industry has not suffered worse than most European countries, and its 8-percent drop in turnover is on par with the continental average even though in general Denmark was hit harder in economic crisis than other countries.

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Peru caters to tourists with gastronomic delights

There are already quite a number of theme tours in the category of cultural tourism; eco-tourism is a popular example.

The Peruvians, however, have come up with an unusual variation: gastronomical tourism. Gastronomical tourism will boost the country’s tourism sector, which is well-known for its archaeological and historical interest.

“The gastronomical tourism will be consolidated this year,” Peru’s Tourism Minister Martin Perez declared. “We could magnify it by linking archaeological (tourism) and historical tourism to gastronomy.”

Peru, whose cuisine is considered one of the most diverse in the world, is to invite tourists to taste the various Peruvian dishes apart from visiting the museums.

Though the Peruvian cuisine is acclaimed as being on a par with the French, Chinese and Indian cuisines, foreign visitors normally do not come to Peru to sample its cuisine. Continue Reading

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High-Tech Asian Travel Website Slated For Launch Soon

Malaysian travel and tour operators, and others connected with the tourism sector, can avail of a new Southeast Asian search site soon.

Described as a high-tech travel website, is being touted as an “anchor for a new destination marketing campaign for Southeast Asia”.

The site, which will be launched on Jan 25, will allow users to research, plan and book multiple destination trips to and within the 10 member countries of Asean. will also have a special section for travel agents and others in the travel trade — travel and tour operators are being encouraged to submit content now.

The new site is the brainchild of a three-way partnership between Singapore-based Wego Pte Ltd, the Asean Tourism Association (ASEANTA) and the Bangkok-based Asean Competitiveness Enhancement (ACE) Project. Continue Reading

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Thailand’s 2010 foreign tourist arrivals expected to reach 16M

The number of foreign tourists this year is expected to reach 16 million as targeted if there are no serious political disturbances nor epidemics, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Speaking on the first day of assuming the TAT governorship, Governor Surapon Sawetseeranee said he would attempt to increase the number of foreign arrivals to the target set by Tourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silpa-archa.

“Unless there is political chaos or epidemics, the number of foreign tourists will edge up to 15-15.5 million against the target number of 14 million,” he said.

For local tourism, the target number of local tourists is expected to reach 90 million with combined revenues of Bt430 billion this year.

He said strategies to attract foreign tourists are to expand, maintain, and retrieve the 3 groups of markets including ASEAN, Oceania (Australia-New Zealand and the Pacific) and China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Canada where there are several million targeted foreign tourists.

The TAT chief added that the New Year celebrations this year were more joyful than those of last year, which could help boost tourism.

The New Year celebrations generated incomes of at least Bt3.2 billion. Of this, Bt1.1 billion came from foreign tourists and Bt2.1 billion baht from domestic tourists.

Thailand’s most favored destinations are major provinces including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Phuket, Songkla, Samui and Pattaya. (PNA/TNA)

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Imagine Ireland Holiday Group Backs Tourism Ireland Plans To Target UK Visitors

One of the UK and Ireland’s largest self-catering holiday operators has welcomed Tourism Ireland’s multi-million euro strategy to boost visitor numbers to Ireland in 2010.

Imagine Ireland, which promotes over 1000 individually vetted properties throughout the country, said a refocusing of marketing efforts to target growing consumer confidence in the UK would reap dividends for Irish tourism.

Imagine Ireland, however, has cautioned the Irish tourism industry against complacency as other worldwide destinations similarly would be actively targeting any resurgence in demand.

“The need to constantly drive value for money throughout pubs, shops, transport providers and attractions, combined for example with Tourism Ireland’s efforts at maintaining a prevalent brand presence across key markets particularly the UK, Ireland’s closest and largest overseas market, is critical to Ireland’s emergence from its current tourism downturn”, stated Annette Collins, Joint Managing Director of Imaginer Ireland. Continue Reading

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New Tel Aviv Museum : Revealing the Hidden City

A total of Three hundred volunteers joined to collect photos for the new Tel Aviv Museum “Revealing the Hidden City.”

The City will be opening a new museum soon. It will be located in the old majestic municipal building on Bialik Street.

The historic museum will offer documents, artifacts, and thousands of photographs and many of which were collected in the special “Revealing the Hidden City” project.

Tel Aviv “Hill of Springs” is the first all-Jewish city. Tel Aviv is a big city, which sparkles with attractive beaches, cultural offerings, excellent shopping, and vibrant nightlife.

Tel Aviv first Museum was established as a city in 1932 in the home of Tel Aviv’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff.

Tel Aviv Museum “Revealing the Hidden City” will be available to the public on December 17, 2009. Consider visiting Israel, this historic city will never fail to amaze you. Its easy to book flights to Tel Aviv since this city is a popular tourist destination.

See you There:)

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Cambodia tourism rebound continues in September as arrivals rise

Cambodia’s key tourism sector showed further signs of recovery in September, local media reported on Wednesday, citing the newly released Ministry of Tourism data, although all-important air arrivals remained down on last year.

Total arrivals in the Kingdom hit 151,937 in September, the figures showed, up 4.68 percent on the same period last year and beating average annualized growth in first eight months of the year at l.68 percent, the Phnom Penh Post reported.

However, air arrivals, which bring in longer term, long-haul passengers that traditionally spend more, remained well down from last year. Continue Reading

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New York and London to boost travel between two cities

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and London Mayor Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday a two-year tourism agreement to boost travel between the two cities.

The cities will provide each other with outdoor media advertising space, and NYC & Company and Visit London, their respective tourism arms, will share best practices as a way to maximize travel between the two destinations and will assist each other with at least one publicity event in each city.

“Now more than ever, as we work to limit the effects of the ongoing global financial downturn, it is important to find new ways to grow a diverse array of economic sectors, and tourism is among the most important for New York City,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

hilton new york“New York City and London, both significant sources of overseas travel for each market, can learn a great deal from one other and we will work together to highlight each other’s strengths and remain leading global cities.”

“London and New York City share many similarities, including a strong sense of optimism and determination, along with a great appreciation for diversity and innovation,” said Mayor Johnson.

Under the two-year tourism agreement, New York City will exchange 71 bus shelters with London that will run in New York City for four weeks per year.

In return, London will exchange 250 posters for four weeks on the London Underground system twice per year.

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Coffee and Majestic Waterfalls, among tourism draws in Yogyakarta

The writer’s maiden visit to this city recently was a mix of distress and joyful moments.

After alighting from the plane that flew into the Adi Sumarmo Airport in Solo, I discovered that my baggage had gone missing.

In disgust and after waiting in vain for some three hours on the news of my missing baggage, I discovered that the bus that was supposed to take me to the hotel had left with the other members of the entourage, minus the writer.

I tried calling organisers of the trip (in conjunction with the Borobudur Travel Mart) on my handphone but lady luck seemed to have deserted me that day as the calls made were unable to get through.

Hence this writer was forced to look for another transport. Upon finding one, the writer’s heart plummeted lower when told that the journey to the hotel would take about three hours.

What a reception on my very first visit to Yogyakarta. Continue Reading

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Mandarin Oriental Macau is now Grand Lapa Hotel

Mandarin Oriental hotel in Macau – one of the most beautiful hotel in Macau has been renamed the Grand Lapa Hotel.

The change in name follows the recent sale by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group of its 50% interest in the property to Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau S. A. (STDM), which was completed in June 2009.

Mandarin Oriental’s partner in the hotel, Shun Tak Holdings Limited, has also sold its 50% equity interest in the property to STDM.

Mandarin Oriental will continue to manage and market the hotel for a period of up to two years.

The Grand Lapa Hotel features 416 well-appointed guestrooms and suites as well as comprehensive resort and wellness facilities.

“We look forward to working with STDM on establishing the new identity of this well known Macau landmark,” said Michael Ziemer, General Manager.

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Guatemala Maintains A H1N1 Influenza under control

The World Health Organization declared the influenza A H1N1 a level 6 pandemic due to its vast geographical expansion. However, this virus is actually being well-controlled in Guatemala.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services in Guatemala, the country only has 458 confirmed cases of H1N1 (0.004% of its 11,237,196 total population).

Despite the number of cases detected in Guatemala, no exacerbated increment has been reported, as there have been in other countries, such as the United States, Canada and Chile. Furthermore, the Department of Health counts on over 30,000 Tamiflu medications to treat those who test positive for the flu.

Aware of the worldwide relevance the virus has gained, the central government of Guatemala, as well as other entities, organizations, and public and private institutions, has implemented certain preventive measures to avoid the spreading of H1N1. Educational programs and any information dispersed through mass media are also available to the public. Continue Reading

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Massachusetts: Distinctive, Unique & Irreplaceable Culinary Experiences

With diverse regions and landscapes, Massachusetts is a natural culinary haven that inspires, delights and encourages unique dining experiences and memories to savor on the taste buds.

There is no limit to the culinary opportunities in Massachusetts. Travelers can dine in the finest of establishments, participate in Restaurant Weeks through our various cities, experience farm-to-table freshness from the many farmers’ markets and celebrate with authentic flavors at an Italian cheese festival in Boston’s historic North End.

Experiences are created for visitors with opportunities to catch their dinner off the coast of Gloucester and have it cooked at local restaurants or visit an organic farm to learn about agriculture and sustainability.

Visitors also branch out of their dining comfort zone to eat by candlelight in a country village while preparing a meal over the hearth. Continue Reading

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