China National Silk Museum Presents New Fashion Exhibition in Hangzhou: “The Art of Time: When Embroidery Goes through Fashion”

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — China National Silk Museum is presenting a new exhibition – The Art of Time: When Embroidery Goes through Fashion – running from December 17, 2021 to March 6, 2022 in Hangzhou jointly curated by the China National Silk Museum and the Institute of Oriental Design Studies in the China Academy of Art.

Embroidery works in China National Silk Museum
Embroidery works in China National Silk Museum

The exhibition takes "fashion" as the main axis and contemporary embroidery art as the vehicle to interpret the way of embroidery in the context of current fashion. The exhibition includes 114 works from more than 70 designers, artists, and some textile enterprises, including well-established haute couture designer Guo Pei and artists Qiu Zhijie, Wu Jianan, Xu Zheng, among others.

Chinese embroidery is part of the rich tapestry of artistic life in China with its archaic and elegant beauty, but has also proven to be exuberant and fashionable in modern and contemporary interpretations. It is through the unity of the heart, hand, and eye (or it can be said, the mind, handwork, and observation) that the craftsmen create the wonderful beauty of embroidery art. This beauty has evolved in tandem with the constant socioeconomic changes through eras, thus its culture has spanned millennia.

This embroidery-themed fashion exhibition presents a colorful picture of the close connection between indigenous embroidery art and modern fashion aesthetics. The exhibition is divided into five sections that illustrate five types of embroidery art, including, "The Natural Spirituality", "The Floating Fragrance", "The Local Cadenzas", "The Younger Trend", and "The Diversified Future".

Starting in 2011, China National Silk Museum has been holding the annual fashion review exhibition for ten consecutive years. These efforts have also contributed to the museum’s massive trove of more than 5000 pieces of iconic fashion garments, special textiles, and fabrics in recent years. From this exhibition onward, China National Silk Museum will present the "Fashion +" series of exhibitions every November, so as to better promote thematic research on fashion, interpret fashion culture from multiple angles, and foster interdisciplinary studies on fashion.

The China National Silk Museum, residing near the majestic West Lake in Hangzhou, is the largest museum in China that studies, conserves and presents tangible and intangible textile culture and techniques.

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