Costa Rica – the Undiscovered Southern Central Pacific Real Estate Boom

costa rica real estateChanges are coming … this out-of-the-way place is not so out-of-the-way anymore.

1) New International Airport (Costa Rica’s third) is being built in Palmar Norte

2) New 80,000 square foot Hospital is currently under construction

3) Costanera Highway (Pacific Coast Highway) is in the final stages of road improvement.

Costa Rica has been the buzzword for those seeking a tropical Disneyland-like eco-tourism experience. A place where monkeys, birds, and butterflies playfully share their piece of paradise. A country known by biologists as having the richest biodiversity in the world.

Nature truly smiled on this small country of only 52,100 square kilometers, with the geography and climate making it an ideal location for tourism and real estate appreciation. Property values have increase nearly 34% annually since 1998, with an even higher return on land with a home.

This appreciation has been primarily reflected in the Northwest region of Costa Rica, the Province of Guanacaste. This is where Costa Rica’s second International Airport was built and new infrastructure made this primarily arid region the area of choice for both investors and those seeking a retirement/vacation home.

Historically, the only tourists venturing down the Pacific Coast were those going to see Manuel Antonio National Park, (the most visited park in Costa Rica), and the surfing crowd going to Dominical and the “Southern-Zone” where “the mountains meet the sea”.

Changes are coming … this out-of-the-way place is not so out-of-the-way anymore.

1) A New International Airport (Costa Rica’s third) is being built in Palmar Norte and is scheduled to be open for International flights by 2010. (Just 45 minutes from Hacienda Matapalo
2) A New 80,000 square foot Hospital is currently under construction and nearly complete. (Only 20 minutes from Hacienda Matapalo)
3) The Costanera Highway (Pacific Coast Highway) is in the final stages of being a road improvement project which included rising, widening and paving the 26 mile stretch connecting Quepos and Dominical. (Including the town of Matapalo)
4) The largest, and only, full service marina in Central America is being built in Quepos and is currently under construction. (Located approximately 16 miles from Hacienda Matapalo)

This has led to a new construction boom, which is bringing developers to the area just now seeking the right property to purchase and begin planning their development. However, one developer with the right affiliations and information was able to place themselves ahead of the curve. The partners of Hacienda Matapalo set out to find the most spectacular piece of land in the region, and boy did they ever.

They identified and put under contract 665 acres of lush land and forest with three natural springs and naturally created waterfalls that will take your breath away. After an intense, six month due diligence, the partners closed on the property and began the initial environmental and planning work of what would be a master-planned, gated community with amenities never before available in the region. One of Costa Rica’s most respected law firms, Pacheco-Coto (, was retained as counsel and the leader in environmental protection, INDECA (, was hired to conduct the environmental surveys on the property.

Hacienda Matapalo ( is now in the final stages of the permitting process, and is offering an opportunity for savvy investors and those seeking a retirement/second home. A limited number of pre-construction prices are available to the readers of this publication at this time.

Many individuals have been attracted to Costa Rica for a means to diversify their retirement portfolios. Costa Rica real estate serves as a great hedge against the cyclical changes in the stock and bond markets, the US economy, and the falling US dollar.

A little known option for investing in real estate is using your Individual Retirement Account. All types of retirement accounts can be converted, tax-free, to a Self-Directed IRA and subsequently invested in all types of real estate. The Developer of Hacienda Matapalo is extremely well versed in the use of Self-Directed IRA’s for real estate purchases. Having this knowledge has allowed the Developer to work with Buyers on an individual case-by-case basis, customizing contracts based upon that particular individual needs and working capital. In fact as of January 2008 nearly 27% of the purchases at Hacienda Matapalo were made with Self-Directed IRAs.

Hacienda Matapalo
Completely surrounded by lush forest, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean is Costa Rica’s extraordinary gated community of Hacienda Matapalo. With 665 private acres, Hacienda Matapalo offers a world of natural beauty.

Hacienda Matapalo ( is located just 800 meters (2,624.67 ft) off the beach and reaches back three kilometers into the primary forested mountains to an altitude of nearly 2,000 feet above sea level. With its 125 acre dedicated nature preserve, nature is and always will be an integral part of this unique community. Set amongst countless species of birds, butterflies, and wildlife, Hacienda Matapalo offers 1.25+ Acre Homesites, Single-Family Homes, Townhomes, Villas and Condominiums all equipped with state-of-the-art connectivity including Satellite, Internet, Telephone, and 24-Hour Security.

Three of the area’s most beautiful beaches are within minutes of Hacienda Matapalo — Playa Linda, Playa Matapalo and Playa Ventanas. Whether it’s walking the sand for that perfect seashell, horseback riding on the beach, or just soaking up the sun while palms sway in the ocean breeze, the choices are yours and the options are abundant.

Enjoy their Private Beach Club where owners and guests can spend the day and then rinse off in a cool shower before heading back home. If adventure is what you seek, you will soon see why the area is often called “Nature’s Playground.” Follow a whim… Surfing, white-water rafting, sport fishing, mountain biking, scuba diving, rappelling and treetop zip lining are just some of the daily activities available in the area. Or, if you prefer something a little tamer… try cloud forest walks, world-renowned bird watching, butterfly garden tours and even whale encounters. At Hacienda Matapalo you may seek out your own experiences. Maybe you will choose to meet your neighbors at the magnificent Community Center wrapped by infinity-edge pools, spas and ultra relaxing swim-up bars and lounge area.

For information on investment/ownership opportunities at Hacienda Matapalo, visit, or email They are available by phone in the U.S. at 954-630-8339 or 800-281-4145.

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