ELLEMEN Fresh Second Anniversary- Youth Fades, A Young Spirit Stays

BEIJING, Sept. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ELLEMEN Fresh is now celebrating its second anniversary. In the past two years, our diversified contents have been showing the taste of youth. As an international magazine, we have interviewed people at home and abroad.

In the past, we have gathered young talents with attitude, and interviewed Gong Jun, Wu Lei, Guo Qilin and other cover characters. In the Fresh Age column, we invited the most enchanting rocker in China, Liang Long, and the 83-year-old energetic actress Wu Yanshu. The new Fresh Age column has caused heated discussion both online and offline.

We focus on the younger generations and resonate with the freshest minds, and we don’t define fresh in terms of age. What is fresh? Fresh means openness to possibilities,vitality and "evergreen".

Youth fades, but a young spirit stays. This is how we define "fresh" . This is how we understand "evergreen".

Four Cover of ELLEMEN Fresh Second Anniversary Issue
Four Cover of ELLEMEN Fresh Second Anniversary Issue

On the occasion of our second anniversary, ELLEMEN Fresh has released four covers featuring the most iconic people and group from four countries.

The cover stars of the second anniversary issue are shown as following. KAI, the charismatic post-90s lead dancer of the Korean boy group EXO,who has witnessed the ups and downs of the idol industry in the past ten years and on his way to become an "evergreen artist" ; James Corden, the post-70s ace talk show host from the UK, who attracts young people from all over the world with his humorous wisdom; Maye Musk, an ageless supermodel aged 73, who vividly demonstrating that each decade of life can be better than the last; the Japanese anime image Ultraman Tiga which is a spiritual pillar of several generations, and the men behind Ultraman are a group of perfectionist workers, simple and low-key, but shining because of their interests.

From 2019 to 2021, ELLEMEN Fresh has been keeping the personality of ELLEMEN, while constantly exploring and achieving breakthrough. In the future, we hope to interpret the meaning of fresh in more perspectives, and deliver the power of "evergreen".

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