Flexible and Agile E’mei Wushu for Sichuan International Travel Expo

LESHAN, China, Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 8th Sichuan International Travel Expo is scheduled to be hosted from September 2nd to 5th in Leshan. Combing both online and offline meetings, the Expo will be featured by diverse interactivity, multidimensional coordination, and synergy among different types of media. Participants will be able to enjoy the stunning views of Leshan, sample authentic and delicious Leshan food, and experience real Kung Fu from Mount E’mei.

Emei Kongfu
Emei Kongfu

E’mei Wushu, Shaolin Wushu, and Wudang Wushu are three major schools of Wushu in China, and E’mei Wushu is known for agility and strength. Legend has is that Wushu Master Situ Xuankong imitated the move of monkeys while he lived with ethereal monkeys on Mount E’mei to create Tongbiquan (literally "Spreading Power from the Arm Boxing", as tong means "through," bi means "arm" and quan means "fist") and Yuangong Swordsmanship.

E’mei Wushu traces its origin back to Spring and Autumn Period of China. After over three thousand years of development, E’mei Wushu integrates the essence of Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and other Wushu schools and covers wide-ranging Kung Fu content like various boxings, traditional weapons, Sanda, Qigong, acupressure, splitting channels, crashing bones, Qinggong, health-preserving method, disease and injury treatment. It consists of over one hundred boxings from different schools, creating a profound and complex E’mei Wushu system. E’mei Wushu is characterized by groups of contradictory elements, including stiffness and flexibility, speed and slowness, motion and stillness, high and low, lightness and heaviness.

In 2008, E’mei Wushu was listed as the second batch of intangible cultural heritage of China and became a call name of Leshan City. Practicing E’mei Wushu can promote health, cultivate strong will, and regulate physical and psychological circulation. Thanks to its positive functions in fitness, health, self-defense, and combat, E’mei Wushu is gaining popularity among ordinary people.

Leshan, a secular city lying on the foot of the buddha mountain, extends its sincere invitation to the world. Welcome to Leshan to enjoy beautiful views and sample delicious food.

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