Germany Futuristic Technology – Gaabor Blows the “Savoury” Hurricane on the Social Media Of Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, Oct. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After entering the market of Philippines at the early beginning of September, the flagship product of the Germany high-quality home appliance brand Gaabor – Gaabor smoke-free air fryer, has attracted extensive attention and received many praises from the Philippine people by virtue of its high-quality cost performance and fresh taste experience brought by its core technology. Recently, Gaabor smoke-free air fryer has blown a "savoury" hurricane on the social media of Philippines.

The Instagram star Chelsea Robato and TV host and content creator Janeena Chan, etc., have all found this wonderful product, and recommended to the public its classic style Gaabor smoke-free air fryer GA-M35A and GA-M4A.

The Germany brand Gaabor has blown a "savoury" hurricane on the social media of Philippines.
The Germany brand Gaabor has blown a "savoury" hurricane on the social media of Philippines.

"With regard to the "savoury" hurricane blown by the Gaabor smoke-free air fryer in Philippines, I feel very happy, which also makes Gaabor brand firmly determine to keep producing the high-quality products", Gaabor brand product manager Anke Engelke said after knowing this event.

She further added, "By virtue of the core technology of Gaabor brand, the intelligent and convenient Gaabor smoke-free air fryer not only retains more nutrient of food itself, but also ensures it tastes tender and juicy, the crispy outside as well as the tender inside.

As a result, beyond the tedious works, people may feel the happiness brought by the fresh and juicy foods to the life in our three meals every day."

The first Gaabor smoke-free air fryer was carefully researched, developed and fabricated by the founder Gabor Lorenz in 2008 when his daughter was about to get married. In order to enable his daughter and more users of Gaabor products to easily make the delicious foods by themselves, and eat healthily, Gabor Lorenz cooperated with the local famous German senior car designer in Stuttgart to apply the concept of fuel piping system in German premium car to the air fryer, and make the technology and cooking idea innovations in combination with Gaabor’s original Gaabor cyclone air cold and hot circulation ventilation system + accurate sectional and cooking system.

Based on the obedience to the concept of quality first and rigorous process of Germany brand, Gaabor smoke-free air fryer integrates its infinite love and bless into the product, ensuring that the foods are oil-free, healthy, fresh, delicious, juicy, and tender. We wish that more users may feel the fresh experience brought by Gaabor, feel the love and then deliver the love.

This "savoury" hurricane blown by Gaabor home appliance brand in Philippines by virtue of its Germany quality of craftsmanship and warm brand attitude, is another shining moment of Gaabor smoke-free air fryer.

Gaabor, share delicacy dass love.
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