GOOVIS Head-Mounted Displays Offer the Gift of ‘Good Vision’ This Festive Season

HONG KONG, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the festive season approaches, GOOVIS, an industry leader in head-mounted display (HMD) technology, is seeking to connect people through the gift of ‘Good Vision’. With an impressive range of products suitable for numerous multimedia activities, GOOVIS may be on everyone’s wish-list this holiday season.

Experts in HMD technology and industrial applications, the team behind GOOVIS are redefining how consumers watch and experience multimedia. With the world events of the last few years, many people have embraced video technology for both work and pleasure, making a high-quality HMD the ideal gift choice this holiday. GOOVIS allows users to enjoy an innovative and immersive technology experience without the fatigue and discomfort that other products may cause.

Speaking to the wide range of use of GOOVIS products, founder and CEO Dr. Huajun Peng said, "The capabilities of our HMD are being utilized throughout so many industries from entertainment, education, gaming, and training to medical care, advertising, and marketing. These products are allowing customers a safer, more comfortable, immersive viewing experience, and who doesn’t want that? It will be a perfect gift for this festive season, a gift that your loved ones will enjoy and not worry about eye discomfort or fatigue."

Unlike other HMD products on the market that sacrifice safety and clarity for immersion, GOOVIS has been commended for creating complete realism in a virtual world. Obtaining critical safety certification from TÜV Rheinland and SGS, GOOVIS is the world’s first full-mode low blue-light eye protection headset, defining it as ahead of its competition in user safety and recommended by the National Eye Health and Safety Laboratory as the HMD to purchase.

The impressive portable range allows for astute personalization. The GOOVIS Pro, GOOVIS G2, GOOVIS Young, and GOOVIS Lite are suitable for everyone from gaming enthusiasts to music lovers, cinemagoers, to students. Even those who are inflicted with short-or far-sightedness can enjoy GOOVIS without needing to wear myopic glasses; users can adjust the diopters for their precise sighted specifications, allowing for a clear vision without discomfort or fatigue.

From the outset of the brand’s creation, Dr. Peng has committed his GOOVIS brand to quality, upholding the concept of "happiness and health", and sparing no effort in creating a healthy and comfortable visual experience. Incorporating a strong lithium battery to enable a long watch time of over six hours, which is equivalent to three full-length blockbusters, consumers can enjoy GOOVIS anywhere, anytime. Android system compatibility also allows users to install various apps to watch movies, play games, or use the product for more educational means.

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GOOVIS, which means Good Vision, is a brand of NED Optics, a technical leading company in the XR Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) field. GOOVIS products can be used to view films and videos, play games, and can also be applied in industrial fields, such as simulated military training, remote control of autonomous vehicles, surgical training systems, myopia prevention and control, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with First Person View (FPV), live broadcast over 5G network, and other professional fields.

In November 2021, GOOVIS received the world’s first SGS Metaverse series – Low Fatigue Visual certification. In May 2020, GOOVIS obtained the TÜV Rheinland certification for providing a comfortable low blue-light viewing environment, becoming the world’s first full-mode low blue-light eye protection headset, defining it as ahead of its competition in user safety.

GOOVIS has found its way to satisfy customers in 60 countries and regions, including throughout Europe, America, Japan and Australia. GOOVIS scooped the German iF Design Award in 2018, the Good Design Award in Japan in 2018, and the Chinese Red Star Award in 2020.

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