Grado, the island queen of hospitality: Albergo Diffuso Project

The Albergo Diffuso is actually sustainable tourism’s “third way”, a form of hospitality in which Italy is a pioneer and in which the Italian regions most attentive to the environment and niche demand are showing great interest. A new form of tourist hospitality that brings into play the local public administration and residents. Albergo Diffuso hospitality offers Grado’s guests the opportunity of being for a few days a fully-fledged honorary citizen of the Lagoon of Grado.

Grado is a little gem chosen for the beauty of its architecture and surrounding environment, where life still follows the pace and traditions of yesteryear. An Albergo Diffuso plays an instrumental role in saving major heritages (environments, buildings and connected systems) which bring about an improvement in the quality of life and the product in the short and long terms while also offering a new source of income, especially for the private residents involved.

The Grado Lagoon is an area of outstanding natural beauty, a rich environment of magic and tranquillity. The lagoon has many qualities, as many as the memorable sensations it evokes. The ruins of times gone by blend into the landscape as a testament to a past built on great works and hard struggle; they speak to people of today, encouraging them to continue along their chosen path to enable Grado and its lagoon to establish itself as the destination of choice of another slice of international tourism.

For Grado, the Original Hospitality on the Lagoon project is the ideal local promotion scheme for making best use of the lagoon, its fish farms and casoni fishing lodges. The project’s aim is to ensure the survival of the casoni, the characteristic straw-and-reed huts on the lagoon islets. These dwellings are a symbol of the close bond between the people of Grado and their lagoon. The casoni offer the chance of a simple, enjoyable, healthy holiday in contact with nature and age-old traditions and, above all, a way of learning about profound human relationships.

Feeling like a citizen of Grado Lagoon and its ancient fish farms will be the most evocative souvenir for someone returning from their hotel holiday to their daily routine.
The scheme covers three Grado Lagoon fish farms (Ghebo Vacche, Isola di Anfora, Valle Mezzano) near Anfora, each no more than one kilometre from the others. A single reception point in Grado at Porto San Vito will accept bookings and take guests to the casone they booked. Accommodation for sixty persons will be created in a unique natural environment.

Some of the facilities will be ready for summer 2009 to satisfy the requests of discerning, niche tourists seeking an unconventional oasis of wellbeing and relaxation.

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