Have you tried the instant hotel confirmation with HotelReservations.com?

HotelReservations.com is a online travel booking website which prides itself, like most travel portals, on low rates and helpful travel tools to help customers complete their travel requirements. This travel portal has been providing travelers great prices for both leisure and business travel for almost 7 years now, offering more than 70,000 properties worldwide. The website offers accommodations, Flights, Motels, Cars, Vacation Rentals and Vacation Packages. Their rates are really competitive for the quality accommodations they offer. They even offer hotel discounts as much as 70% on worldwide destinations.

Secondary to hotel reservations, are vacation packages which may include hotel plus car rentals and flight reservations or any consolidated travel package you would prefer. They also provide a Discount Club Membership where you are able to sign-up to receive monthly emails with some of the best deals on hotels, motel and resort reservations, available through their website! This is a very handy tool when you are looking at planning a getaway in the near future but not sure where you want to go.

Online Bookings at HotelReservations.com is seamless. Selecting your preferred service in just one click and best of all you can pay using major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, offering the most secured online payment processing. The website also offers recommendations on various popular attractions, restaurants, and hotels.
Honestly, this website really gives me more hopes and motivation to continue building our travel website. One advantage of this website is, it offers a toll-free number for additional questions and inquiries of possible and potential customers.

Overall, HotelReservations is a good reservations portal, having a large database of hotels around the world. Their advantage to similar sites is that they offer different types of accommodations like hostels, motels and even vacation rentals and not simply hotels.

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