HungryPanda Partners with Caocao Mobility to Launch Airport Transfer Service

PARIS, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Based on the 2020 annual data published by Campus France, overseas students still increased 5% even with the challenge of the pandemic. There are at least 30% overseas students who study in Paris. Furthermore, the number of Chinese students has surpassed 40 thousand and it expects dramatic growth in the 2021-2022 semester.

The Exclusive Partnership between HungryPanda and Caocao Mobility Paris
The Exclusive Partnership between HungryPanda and Caocao Mobility Paris

The surge in the number of students also brings new problems for the start of the school season. Many of the new students are leaving the country for the first time and coming to France to study. But with the impact of the pandemic, everything is much more complicated than before. In addition to preparing a ton of administrative documents, Chinese students have to get tested, get vaccinated, and keep an eye on the ever-changing entry policies.

After solving all those questions and landing in Paris, students face another problem, which is transport. Most Chinese would carry at least two big suitcases, preventing them to transfer by train, metro or bus. The awaiting taxi also has conflicting fame for their prices for foreigners.

HungryPanda, the leading Asian food delivery company, partners with Caocao Mobility Paris to provide the airport transfer service with a comfortable and safe experience. The airport transfer service will last to 25 September as the first step of the cooperation between these two companies. All Caocao cars prepare drivers who can speak Mandarin for more convenient communication. All drivers have been vaccinated and provide an ultimate experience for Chinese customers.

Caocao Mobility Paris is a new mobility platform offering elegant and spacious vehicles in Paris and its region, accessible to people with reduced mobility and eco-friendly. The company is a French start-up supported by the automotive group Geely and have served more than 30 million passengers.

Through the airport transfer service, HungryPanda aims to provide a one-stop service for overseas Chinese, from transport to food delivery. The exclusive partnership is also a whole new attempt for HungryPanda to expand with more business models. HungryPanda is dedicated to seeking new opportunities to provide premium lifestyle services for overseas Chinese, and establishing a leading platform to support the development of overseas Chinese communities.

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