Japan’s Northern Capital, Sapporo offers Japanese hospitality to both outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a metropolitan getaway

SAPPORO, Japan, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sapporo, the capital city of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, is looking forward to the day when Japan can welcome international travelers once again. With breathtaking nature intertwined with a contemporary cityscape, Sapporo offers Japanese hospitality to both outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a metropolitan getaway.

Japan’s Northern Capital
Japan’s Northern Capital

With an impressive population of almost two million people, Sapporo is the gateway to Hokkaido’s vast expanses of untouched nature. Throughout the year, Sapporo and its surroundings offer countless opportunities for adventure. Providing access to world-class powder snow just an hour from the city, Sapporo’s ski resorts garnered lasting international acclaim after they played host the Winter Olympic games in 1972. Held every February, the Sapporo Snow Festival transforms the city into a winter wonderland with elaborate ice-block structures and whimsical snow sculptures lining the main avenues. In summer, locals and visitors alike take to the surrounding wilderness for hiking, canoeing and ‘forest bathing’. And with its northerly latitude, spring comes late to Hokkaido, giving those who missed the cherry blossoms in central Japan another chance to see them in late April and even into May.

With its dark soils and cold, nutrient-rich seas, Hokkaido’s agricultural and seafood products are among the finest in Japan. Sapporo’s chefs have taken full advantage of these remarkable ingredients to transform their city into a bona fide gastronomical powerhouse, from multi-course fine dining experiences to the tiny shops lining the famous "Ramen Alley" in downtown Susukino serving up bowls of miso-style ramen, a local favorite. Hokkaido is also home to some of Japan’s top beverage companies, including the world-renowned Nikka Whisky distillery and the famed Sapporo Beer brand, which originated here in the mid-19th century and was named after the city. Visitors can even tour the Sapporo Beer Museum to find out more about the birthplace of Japanese beer.

On top of drawing millions of visitors per year, Sapporo also continues to gain international recognition as an ideal location for large-scale conventions, industry events, and more. In 2023, Hokkaido will host the long-running Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS). With Sapporo’s contemporary urban cityscape and the surrounding natural grandeur as the setting, this prestigious event will bring together prominent travel industry professionals from all over the globe.

With frequent flights to and from Tokyo and Osaka, planning an adventure in Sapporo is easy. The city can also be accessed by rail, with Japan’s world-famous bullet train whisking passengers northward and through the Seikan Tunnel, the world’s longest undersea train tunnel. With something to offer in every season, Sapporo’s vibrant cityscapes and natural wonders are ready and waiting to provide visitors from all over the world with dramatic adventure, famed Japanese hospitality, and experiences they’ll never forget.

Organizer: Tourism & MICE Promotion Department, Economic & Tourism Affairs Bureau, City of Sapporo

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