Kat Graham is about to wear a Jelenew x Stéphane Rolland cycling pants dress on the red carpet of the 75th Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony

Jelenew professional cycling pants debut on the Cannes red carpet, Kat’s red carpet look leads the fashion of sporty haute couture

CANNES, France, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Actress Kat Graham has been a mainstay on the red carpet at Cannes since 2013, and this year is no exception. On May 28th, at the closing ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival on the red carpet, Kat Graham first tried the haute couture sports dress. And she will wear the haute couture cycling pants-dress newlook created by the American cycling sports brand Jelenew and the Haute Couture master Stéphane Rolland to appear on the red carpet of the closing ceremony.

Kat Graham in Jelenew x Stéphane Rolland cycling pants-dess newlook on the red carpet of the 75th Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony. Getty Images
Kat Graham in Jelenew x Stéphane Rolland cycling pants-dess newlook on the red carpet of the 75th Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony. Getty Images

Kat Graham is not only a sought-after glamour actress, but she is also a talented independent woman. As a talented woman, Kat Graham wrote "Born to be different" in her career as an actress, singer, dancer, and producer. This time, she broke the boundaries of her taste. She chose to wear the Jelenew x Stéphane Rolland haute couture cycling pants-dress newlook to attend the red carpet of the closing ceremony of Cannes. And she also decided to wear her favorite Jelenew professional cycling pants on the red carpet. After the activity ended, she posted an article on the official Instagram account and shared her excitement for her style :"Your favorite athleisure could never! Thank you Di(Di Liu?Jelenew creative director), Ying ,Debbie,Mari and Martin for making me feel like a kick ass super hero and reminding me thru this wild process to stand in my power. Bringing wellness, fashion,film and empowerment together is a dream I try and live by…thank you for making it a reality! And we out ! (cycling)"

The cycling pants-dress newlook chosen by Kat Graham is from the Jelenew x Stéphane Rolland collaboration. It is the first collaboration between Jelenew and haute couture master Stéphane Rolland, and it is also the first cross-field collaboration between sports technology and haute couture. The newlook is composed of a Strapless dress in black draped chiffon embroidered with "Tuan Shan" fans in silk threads and Jelenew black leggings, the overall shape is elegant and elegant, which highlights Kat Graham’s elegant and confident aura.

"Wanna let me borrow your wardrobe? Your style is amazing," one internet lover wrote on Twitter. The mix of couture gowns and Jelenew professional cycling pants are stylish and effortless, making Kat Grama powerful on the red carpet.

She waved the skirt dashingly, outlining the perfect and tight curve, the sporty vibrancy brought by it is difficult to match with other looks on the red carpet.

Inspired by the golden age of the 17th century in Spain, the haute couture cycling dress combines the extreme luxury of haute couture with a treasure of ingenuity of technical prowess that represents sportswear. It takes the Jelenew cycling pants as the core, and the haute couture art is applied to the field of sportswear and endows professional cycling pants with the attributes of haute couture dresses, subverting the previous impression of "masculine women’s cycling clothing." Open up a new world of "couture aesthetic women’s cycling apparel": elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, and even sexy.

The black leggings worn by Kat Graham are professional cycling pants praised by Stephane Rolland as the perfect ergonomic effect. Unlike ordinary leggings, it is a 3D structure of leggings in the 1+1 model outer padded cycling pants specially designed and developed by Jelenew to improve the health and comfort of women’s riding. Inspired by the muse, he took inspiration from the Spanish 17th-century noble knight pants and created a pair of high-definition riding pants with a sense of the vanguard of the women’s era. The trousers introduce the design of couture tailoring skills into the design of professional cycling clothing. Through the segmentation technology, the trousers can better wrap the muscles, which can fit the rider’s body well and avoid varicose veins in the calf.

According to Stephane Rolland, "there is a word or several words to describe this collection between Di Liu, the creative director of Jelenew, and his house; it is FUTURE because it is an open door that is open is precisely a beautiful future. " This unprecedented cooperation not only breaks the barriers between technological sports and artistic aesthetics but also shows the infinite possibilities of creation to the industry and interprets the multi-faceted nature of Jelenew professional cycling pants. And Kat Graham’s excellent performance highlights " Born to be different," which represents Jelenew’s value concept and is bound to set off a trend of sports haute couture dresses in the fashion circle.

It is reported that the Jelenew x Stephane Rolland cycling pants have a total of three colors to choose from: black, white, and green, which will be sold simultaneously on Jelenew’s official website.

Jelenew is an American avant-garde cycling brand born for women. It creates the first cycling pants truly made for women in the world. It brings the groundbreaking combination of "Haute Couture and Sportswear" and carefully designs each product with "luxury moulage technique" to provide a more refined sports experience and promote a healthy lifestyle for cyclists to enjoy elegant and stylish suburban cycling.

About Stéphane Rolland
Stéphane Rolland is one of the very few Couturiers in the world to perpetuate the unique Savoir-Faire of the French Haute Couture.

He describes himself as an orientalist who plays with minimalism and preciousness. Each gown is a sculpture, carved in gazar or crepe. His unique creations are worn nowadays by the most demanding women and celebrities from all over the world.

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