Major Music Festival in Taiwan – GMA 32 at the Taipei Music Center

Hundreds Vie for 27 Awards with Special Contribution Going to Lo Ta-you

TAIPEI, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 32nd GMA will be held on August 21, 2021 (Sat.), upon careful consideration by the organizers, at the Taipei Music Center. The host for the ceremony will once again be undertaken by Lulu Huang. The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, MOC recently released the nominees for the 32nd GMA after three months of review by the jury. A total of 171 works have been nominated for 27 awards with the Special Contribution Award going to Lo Ta-you.

32nd Golden Melody Awards Ceremony Host – Lulu Huang
32nd Golden Melody Awards Ceremony Host – Lulu Huang

The Golden Melody Awards Ceremony was originally slated for June 26th at the Taipei Arena but plans were scrapped due to the COVID-19 outbreak in mid-May and epidemic alert rising to level three. The Bureau and GMA team have been closely following the pandemic and, as the pandemic has subsided in late July, conducting risk assessment and professional discussions until finally confirmed to hold the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony at a professional music venue, the Taipei Music Center. The ceremony will closely adhere to epidemic alert level 2 standards set forth by the Central Epidemic Control Center and the Administrative Measures for Epidemic Prevention in Performance Venues by the MOC. Response measures will include checkerboard seating for the audience, name registration, and maintaining a 3-meter distance between the stage and audience. Everyone entering the venue must provide negative rapid testing or PCR results and a health declaration while wearing masks at all times. In consideration of the pandemic, the ceremony will not be open to general audiences and will only allow nominees and members of the pop music industry to enter.

Press Conference Announcing Nominees to the 32nd GMA
Press Conference Announcing Nominees to the 32nd GMA

A total of 283 applicants, 1,499 albums/EPs, and 21,349 works were submitted to the 32nd GMA jury for consideration, which is 151 albums and 1,888 works more than last year’s submissions. Rock Records Co., Ltd. is the biggest contender with nominations for 21 awards while albums tsu-pun and Gain Strength are in contention for 8 awards.

To emphasize the importance of the Special Contribution Award winner to the pop music industry, the Bureau has decided to establish a jury dedicated to the Special Contribution Award. The jury expressed that Lo Ta-you, the 32nd GMA Special Contribution Award winner, singlehandedly revolutionized Chinese-language pop music in a critical era of drastic change.

Over the course of his fifty decades in the music industry, Lo Ta-you has never been content with repeating his works and continues to go against the tides. The 32nd GMA Special Contribution Award will be awarded to Mr. Lo Ta-you, paying tribute to the forever young and rebellious rocker.

The 32nd Golden Melody Awards Ceremony will be held on August 21st, 2021 (Sat) at the Taipei Music Center. The organizer, TTV, will be airing the red carpet live at 5 P.M. and then the award ceremony at 7 P.M on TouchTTV and on GMA YouTube channel. Livestreams online can be found on LINE TODAY, LINE MUSIC, and LINE TV. For more information, please visit the official GMA website or follow us on our Facebook Page.

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