Millions of American are doing the personality quiz to find study buddy while studying at home

LOS ANGELES, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A personality quiz that helps people find their perfect study buddy hits during study-at-home days. Designed by Forest, the award-winning productivity app that supports users in staying focused by holding virtual trees hostage, this plant-themed quiz "Plant your flower" is now taking Twitter and Instagram by storm with its unprecedented way to find people to study with according to their signature flower.

People tweets their results of the "Plant your flower" quiz with #foreststudybuddy. (PRNewsfoto/Forest App)
People tweets their results of the "Plant your flower" quiz with #foreststudybuddy. (PRNewsfoto/Forest App)

Since its initial launch, the quiz has more than 1.3 million players in the States. Earlier this week, California influencers including sarah, kihmberlie and trish shared their results of the quiz along with a self-portrait on Twitter with #foreststudybuddy. The quiz has since then gone viral in the States as well as the UK, with people all following the same template by sharing the results of their quiz followed by a selfie and a caption looking for their perfect flower. K-pop idols such as Hani from EXID, Joy from Red Velvet, Jae from Day6 and Seolhyun from AOA also shared their results months ago.

The quiz works by taking users on a journey to a typical study-at-home day. Once in the quiz, users will get to decide things like what book to read, what song to play and what dinner to get. Upon completion, the personality quiz will assess the pathway and find the flower that best matches users’ personality. Users will also see a note that explains the most compatible flower, giving a clue to find the perfect match.

The personality quiz consists of 17 different outcomes including sunflower, bear’s paw, coconut, cherry blossom and more. Each flower represents a unique personality and will help reveal some of your best attributes. The peaceful effects of the quiz will help to escape the onslaught of bad news, and perhaps, find study buddy in the midst of a pandemic.

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