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Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Flights Cancelled

On Wednesday, Hong Kong-based Oasis Airlines, left hundreds of people around the world stranded when it stopped flying without notice and commenced liquidation proceedings. The Hong Kong Court has appointed Edward Middleton and Patrick Cowley of KPMG as the provisional liquidators. The company assumed control of the airline with effect from 14:00 Hong Kong time.

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines launched a new concept in 2006 of low-cost long haul flights. Its first operations were between Hong Kong and London Gatwick. The airline later added flights to Vancouver in Canada.

From the outset the airline ran into problems, as it still had not received approval to fly over Russian Airspace on its way to Gatwick, something which was finally approved in December 2006.

The airline used to offer fares to Gatwick from as low as HK$ 1000, and frequently ran many attractive promotions on the two routes it offered.

The airline has offered very little assistance to the passengers that placed their faith in the airline. A short statement published on the airline’s website reads, “Our flight operations have been cancelled until further notice. The Provisional Liquidators are liaising with other airlines in order to help customers make alternate travel arrangements as quickly as possible …………… However, passengers should note that, owing to the airline’s current situation, they will need to meet the cost of these alternate flight arrangements themselves.”

Passengers have been advised by KPMG to call +852 3628 0628 for more information.

Thankfully, one airline which has stepped in to help the stranded passengers is Cathay Pacific.

“We sympathise with the many passengers in Hong Kong, London and Vancouver who have been stranded by Oasis’ decision, and we will do our very best to help them through this difficult and stressful period,” Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Tony Tyler said on Wednesday.

Cathay Pacific has made special ticketing arrangements to help Oasis customers who had confirmed bookings on the airline over the next two weeks – effective up to and including 23 April 2008. A special one-way Economy Class fare at HK$2,500 (plus applicable charges) will be offered to eligible Oasis ticket holders on Hong Kong to London, or Hong Kong to Vancouver. The special fare from London to Hong Kong is GBP160 and from Vancouver CAD320.

A hotline has been established and Cathay Pacific urges Oasis ticket holders to call the number on + 852 2747 6181 to ascertain details of Cathay Pacific’s special ticketing arrangements. The Hong Kong hotline will be open 24 hours until further notice.

“We will be doing our utmost to help people out, but our efforts are complicated by the fact that our own flights are very full at the moment, and remain so for the next few weeks,” Mr. Tyler added.

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