Oban releases preview of Face of Global Search competition results

The hunt for the face of global search is three weeks in. Oban Multilingual teamed up with global online publisher EyeforTravel to hold a competition to find out how people in different countries search online for their holidays.

Entrants go to the website www.faceofglobalsearch.com , and are presented with a flash game in which to get to the next level, they must answer a question about how they search online for holidays.

Already the competition has had entrants from over 40 countries, and the results have been accruing in the Oban database. While Oban can’t give away all of its results until they are compiled after the competition, it has released some which show some interesting online trends developing.

Many of the entrants search online in languages other than English. Spanish, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, and others were all named as languages that entrants use to search.

Entrants have also showed an interesting diversity of future travel destinations. More than a tenth said they’ll be heading off to sunny Spain on their next holiday. Another popular destination was China.

When asked which website they prefer to use for travel advice, Trip Advisor pulled in at a close second to Google. Alibabuy was the third most popular website.

The competition will be ongoing until July 23rd. These results will change undoubtedly as the competition matures, and the final results will be made available in August.

Those who complete are eligible to win the top prize –£250 in travel vouchers. Those who don’t complete the game can still win 2nd and 3rd prizes: £150 and £100 in travel vouchers respectively.

The Oban team has also travelled far and wide with camcorder in hand, asking international travellers how they search online for their holidays. The video responses, posted shortly, further the goal of the competition – putting a human face on global search.

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