Singapore Startup HyperLive Announced the Launch of #SGLive Initiative Led by Celebrity Ambassadors Marcus Chin and Nick Shen

SINGAPORE, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HyperLive Entertainment, a Singapore startup has announced the launch of #SGLive, an initiative led by Singaporeans to support local businesses in their post-pandemic recovery journey. Through shared resources and leveraging a network of business owners, celebrities, sponsors and donors, the mission of the #SGLive initiative is to encourage more Singaporeans to embrace the spirit of giving and support one another during these unprecedented pandemic times.

An Initiative to Help Singaporeans, by Singaporeans
An Initiative to Help Singaporeans, by Singaporeans

The #SGLive initiative aims to pull invaluable resources together to help businesses pivot into digital transformation successfully while at the same time, empowering aspiring individuals to create live content to drive potential customers to companies in need. Local celebrities Marcus Chin and Nick Shen have been appointed as ambassadors of the #SGLive initiative.

Disruptions to people’s work lives from the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year have fuelled significant growth in businesses seeking to pursue live streaming as a new strategy to reach out to customers. The pandemic has driven a massive increase in the overall audience for live content and online purchases. While most business owners know the importance of digitalising and going virtual, yet despite best efforts to transform digitally, many companies find difficulties during their live streaming attempts, citing a lack of audience and poor sales conversion. Insufficient influencer-led marketing efforts, poor audience engagement due to uninteresting content, inadequate live streaming production experience and skill sets are the likely reasons for the challenges faced by business owners. Several companies are unable to monetise the same way as they used to during pre-COVID-19 physical events as the interaction with their audience is limited by platform features and technology.

HyperLive aims to collaborate with strategic partners and help companies enter the field of professional live streaming by utilising shared resources on its new interactive platform while leveraging the popularity of local and global influencers. As part of the #SGLive initiative, HyperLive digital events will be held in a fashionable way for various industries, including tourism, F&B, arts and entertainment, film and theatre as well as mice events, with elements of shoppertainment, edutainment and socialtainment injected into the creation of the live content. Companies will be invited to participate in these digital events which are slated to create a similar merchant-consumer experience in a physical event. From shared resources, companies benefit from increased brand awareness, growth of organic followers, improved audience engagement through influencer-led marketing and most importantly, achieving higher sales conversions

HyperLive’s co-founder Sean Wong said, "During these difficult times, we hope that the #SGLive initiative will provide the opportunity to bring Singaporeans of diverse backgrounds together, encourage one another and help businesses in need to overcome their crisis. Part of our #SGLive initiative is also to support charitable causes to help disadvantaged families. We are hopeful that through this initiative, others will be inspired to work together to create positive impact in our society."

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