StarMaker Stops Lockdown Loneliness: How Music App relieve the Pandemic Blues

BEIJING, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — StarMaker, a highly-rated integrated music App ("the App"), launches a campaign to share the stories from the community lately with actress Sabrina Culver to share her story of becoming a popular family member on the App and how it helped her through the Covid pandemic.

For jet setting international movie star Sabrina Culver, who usually divides her time between the US and the Netherlands, the pandemic created a sense of homesickness. StarMaker, the karaoke app, helped close the distance the dual-nationality actress felt between family, friends and fans during the pandemic.

"I first discovered StarMaker in 2018 when a friend posted a song recorded with it, I found it really interesting and signed up immediately," said Culver who is best known for acting in the viral hit ReMoved and its sequel Remember My Story.

StarMaker is a fast growing social media app based around singing which not only allows the 240 million registered users to sing karaoke but also create a musical record of their lives.

One aspect of StarMaker that Culver has fully embraced is the use of families where users can join together with people from all over the world according to their music taste, location or hobbies and other characteristics. Participation in families creates a sense of community where users can boost the popularity of their family and compete together. Culver made good friends with family head HEARTSPARKER.

An award winning actress who also writes and produces Culver was born in the United States to a Scottish mother and a Dutch American father and usually divides her time between the US and the Netherlands. In her career she has won six awards and received fourteen nominations, most notably for her roles in short films.

Usually she would be busy with filming, traveling and attending award ceremonies but like everyone found her plans cut short when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. "During the Covid-19 time, StarMaker eased my homesickness," said Culver.

On StarMaker Culver is sought out by fans, she has nearly 220,000 on the app. She is deputy head of the Top family and it helped lift some of the emptiness she felt and enriched her life.

"StarMaker is like a small community that connects me with friends all over the world. What I really enjoy is the sincere, comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in StarMaker," Culver added.

StarMaker’s popularity continues to increase and it is the top downloaded music/audio app in 26 countries including Spain, Italy and South Korea, and is in the top five ranking in another 59 countries including France, Mexico and Brazil. Not only does it give users a chance to sing and make friends but it can propel them to be the next star. StarMaker’s Supernova Project is wildly popular in countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia with more than 500,000 participants in a single session.

For more stories from the community, please visit StarMaker and feel free to play around through the App.

About StarMaker Interactive

Founded in 2010 StarMaker is an integrated video music app which allows users to sing karaoke covers of songs. Users can record songs using a variety of filters and effects and then share the videos on other social media apps. A global community connects through ‘Family’ communities based on their similar music tastes and voting and talent contests help find new stars. Since 2016 StarMaker has belonged to Everyone Happy Entertainment Limited.

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