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Four Awesome and Affordable Family Friendly Vacation Ideas

family vacation ideasTaking a family vacation can be an amazing experience. It can be a fantastic bonding experience for one, but it can also be a relaxing event that everybody can enjoy. But sometimes it’s not as relaxing, and more stressful.

That’s why it’s important when planning a family vacation to choose the right location. And in choosing the right location, it’s important that you don’t break the bank. Sure, road trips can be fun, but if you don’t win the 21st contest a new car seat can be expensive. Check out these ideas for awesome and affordable family friend vacations that your family will absolutely love, and everybody will enjoy.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a great place to go with the family, and with three airports in the vicinity it’s easy to find a cheap flight for everybody. The time to go to San Francisco for cheap is in March, when many hotels are up to 40 percent off their regular prices. Read the full story

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