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What is the allure of river cruising?

Savvy cruisers, accustomed to sailing the high seas, are taking note of a relatively unknown opportunity. Namely, the experience of cruising down a meandering river in a venue even more laid-back than traditional ocean cruises. Drifting through beautiful landscapes, enjoying all the creature comforts of regional food and wine, experiencing chateaus and cathedrals, touring vineyards and sleepy villages left behind by time… this is a European River Cruise.

The countless amenities of ocean cruises have been well documented in numerous forums, including CruiseCompete.com. However, cruising a river waterway brings a new experience that is both similar to, and very different from, ocean cruising.

What is the allure of river cruising? Unlike ocean cruises, rivers provide easy access to city centers. Passengers sail directly into the heart of every destination and dock in the middle of town, then walk right off the ship and move easily into whatever city or town you are visiting. You spend less time getting there—and more time being there. Read the full story

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