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Summer Safety for Teen Travelers

Whether you are sending your child to a traditional overnight camp, on a school field trip or half way around the world, safety is always paramount in a parent’s mind. For 20 years a Chicago-based service adventure travel company called The Road Less Traveled has been providing teens and young adults the chance to embark upon unique, life-changing experiences in some of the world’s most incredible locations.

Whether participants are hiking the Andes Mountains in Ecuador or scuba diving and replanting underwater reefs in the Florida Keys, the programs’ first priority is always safety.

To ensure the best and safest journey possible, here are some safety tips for teens and parents from the staff of The Road Less Traveled:

For Parents…

Choose A Credible Company: With so many teen tours, adventure trips and service-focused programs available to teens these days it can be hard to know which one to go with. Select a program that has a great track record and an established reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or testimonials from previous participants. Another consideration is to choose a program that is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). Continue Reading

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Tips to Making the Most of your Travel Dollar

In the face of a poor economy, overpriced tickets and unnecessary fees Teri Gault, CEO of the, lifestyle and savings expert and frequent flyer who travels over 150,000 miles a year so has tips and tricks to saving money whether you’re traveling on business or with your family. Flying in and out of major cities, renting cars, sleeping in hotels, paying for dinner, Teri has mastered a whole system of getting the most value for your travel dollars, and still without sacrificing comfort.

Here is a sampling of Teri’s frugality:

Engage in conversations with the locals: Chowhound, a popular online food discussion board, is a great resource where locals and tourists can chat and exchange tips of places to go and things to see.

Choose lunch over dinner: Lunch menus are often a lot cheaper than dinner menus and sometimes they serve the same thing. If you have your eye on a really nice restaurant instead of paying twice as much for dinner, choose to eat out for lunch instead.

Save on croissants and orange juice: Pack food, this is especially important when it comes to breakfast. Some hotels offer breakfast which is something you should take advantage of. If your hotel doesn’t provide this perk go for a quick shop at the grocery store and pick up yogurt and cereal for an inexpensive meal. Continue Reading

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Filipino Young professionals bring home lessons from Cebu Pacific travels

Traveling for business allows individuals to adapt and be inspired by new surroundings. Young professionals do not only enjoy the different destinations but also gain new insights they can apply to both their professional and personal lives.

cebu pacific china
In between business meetings in Hong Kong, Christina visits tourist spots like Macau to learn about different cultures

Such is the case with 29-year-old mechanical engineer Edward Villona, as he gets to work closely with his colleagues in Hong Kong and China. “My work requires me to provide support to our various design engineering teams by working closely with international suppliers. Through these business trips, I get the opportunity to travel to international destinations I haven’t gone to before,” he explains. Continue Reading

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How to Find Cheap Hotels

Not all travelers have the luxury of staying in a first class hotels due to budget constraints. Due to worldwide reccession, every traveler became budget minded and we all now preffer cheap hotels or any affordable but appropriate place to stay.

Finding cheap accommodation is not always a challenge. With the existence of various competing online hotel reservation sites, everyone gets a good deal if not a good price.

Searching and Booking online is always a good idea in finding cheap hotels. Aside from price comparison, you can also view the hotel ratings, photos, amenities and discounted rates. Continue Reading

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Some 1,017,661 foreign tourists visited Bali Indonesia in the first half of 2009

Bali received a total of 1,017,661 arrivals of foreign tourists from January to June 2009, despite the current global economic crisis.

“It proves that Bali is still considered as a safe and nice place to visit, Rai Budiasa, a tourism practitioner, said here on Saturday.

During the first six months of 2009, the number of tourists from the United States visiting Bali was 51,908 people, and from the European Union 247,211, or up 24.30 percent from that in the same period last year.

Bali received only 8,761 arrivals of American tourists in May 2009 and 10,089 in June 2009.

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Travel to the world’s top destinations for less

WAC Travel, specialists in luxury tailor-made adventure vacations have launched a new website, solely dedicated to special offers.

Tortribe, or offers clients the same tailor-made service, private touring, and luxury boutique hotels they have become accustomed to, but at substantial savings, ranging from 10% to 40%.

Tortribe makes it quick and easy for the discerning vacationer to go online and with a single click acquire a tailor-made itinerary with a new adventure every day, all the while in the lap of luxury.

lakes and rivers in united statesWith prices starting at $1,250 for an adventure weekend in Telluride for a single traveler (down by 25%); to $14,205 for a family of 4 taking a malaria-free safari in Africa (down by 20%). Prices include everything from flights, to activities and transfers – all details arranged by the experts, for a hassle-free vacation.

Included in the offering is a 20% discount at Anedodi, WAC Travel’s new luxury eco-lodge in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Prices for 10 people booking the lodge exclusively start at $319 per person per week during Fall.

‘This is my favorite time to visit the Ozark Mountains’ says founder Michael Altman, ‘the weather is warm and sunny, the water smooth – and the fall foliage colors are magnificent!’.

for more, see:

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GotoBus Expands Online Travel Service to Include Australia Sightseeing Tours, the leading online ticketing company for intercity bus travel and bus tours, has recently expanded its services to include Australia sightseeing tours. The company now offers over 100 sightseeing tours and activities in nine cities: Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Throughout the company’s history, GotoBus has continually diversified its product lines to meet the needs of its growing customer base. Expanding into the Australian bus travel market is a natural addition to its current services in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China.

Each year, travelers flock “Down Under” to Australia’s Outback to discover the beautiful national landscapes, sparkling beaches, and vibrant cultures of its diverse people. GotoBus is pleased to offer its customers unique touristic experiences—like cuddling a koala, exploring the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, or experiencing close encounters with jumping crocodiles along the Adelaide River!

Top 5 Australia Travel Destinations ( Continue Reading

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What is the allure of river cruising?

Savvy cruisers, accustomed to sailing the high seas, are taking note of a relatively unknown opportunity. Namely, the experience of cruising down a meandering river in a venue even more laid-back than traditional ocean cruises. Drifting through beautiful landscapes, enjoying all the creature comforts of regional food and wine, experiencing chateaus and cathedrals, touring vineyards and sleepy villages left behind by time… this is a European River Cruise.

The countless amenities of ocean cruises have been well documented in numerous forums, including However, cruising a river waterway brings a new experience that is both similar to, and very different from, ocean cruising.

What is the allure of river cruising? Unlike ocean cruises, rivers provide easy access to city centers. Passengers sail directly into the heart of every destination and dock in the middle of town, then walk right off the ship and move easily into whatever city or town you are visiting. You spend less time getting there—and more time being there. Continue Reading

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Vietnam’s Top 2008 cultural events named

Cultural exchanges throughout the year topped the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s annual list of top events of the year, published by the ministry on Dec. 24.

The first Culture Day of Vietnam’s Ethnic Groups, held last April 19, took second place on the list, followed by Nha Trangs hosting of the Miss Universe pageant last July, Festival Hue in June, Festival Tay Son-Binh Dinh in August, the first international firecracker festival in Da Nang city in March, the Ban Me Thuot Coffee Festival earlier this month, the United Day of Vesak Celebration 2008 in May, and the 700th anniversary of the death of King Tran Nhan Tong.

The ministry also noted outstanding achievements in cinema and photography, noting that the film, ‘When The Tenth Month Comes’, was selected as one of the 18 best Asian films of all time by CNN.

The black-and-white photograph collection, Traditional Culture Identities of Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) Ethnic Groups also won the FIAP World Cup in Slovakia in August, the ministry said. Continue Reading

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Improvement of Guimaras wharf to boost tourism industry in Guimaras

Guimaras lone district Rep. JC Rahman Nava is looking at improving the two wharves of the province to boost its pursuit of becoming an eco-tourism destination in the country.

Nava, said one way to make Guimaras tourism friendly is to provide good access or entry point for tourists who are visiting the province.

He said that the improvement of the Buenavista that costs P3-million has already started.

The project is expected to complement the proposed improvement of the Parola wharf, where pumpboats plying the Buenavista-Parola, Iloilo and vice-versa routes are docking. Continue Reading

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Why was travel insurance invented?

Over the years the risks of travel have changed. In the 19th century, stage coaches were attacked by bushrangers, sailing ships were shipwrecked. The losses of possessions and life were a peril of travel. These days, bandits attack tour buses and medical crises occur on cruise ships and in faraway places. But today, we have travel insurance to cover the losses.

What does travel insurance really cover? Is the cost of travel insurance worth the cover it provides for the losses? Would we miss it if travel insurance was never invented? Continue Reading

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Magazine and Others Call One of the Best PHILADELPHIA

Travel Weekly, one of the most influential trade publications for the travel industry, awarded a Silver Magellan Award in the Destinations/City category. Magellan Awards honor “the best in travel and salute the outstanding travel professionals behind it all.” Created and maintained by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC), is the official visitor site for Greater Philadelphia. Today, visitors from all 50 states and 207 countries and territories use the site to plan trips, book hotel accommodations or engage with interactive tools, including videos, slideshows, podcasts and maps. has received praise from others within the tourism industry as well. In July, IgoUgo travel blog, a partner of Travelocity, called “undeniably fresh” and “full of multimedia options.” The post concluded by saying, “besides being up-to-date, informative, and easy to use … it’s just plain fun.” Continue Reading

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