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Air Travel is still the safest way to travel

In spite of several plane crash recorded recently, Air Travel is still considered as the safest way to travel according to recent study. No mater how security and prior checking was done before each flight, accidents may still occur. According to Aviation news, the annual number of deaths in plane accidents has decreased over the past ten years.

Huge cases of fatal plane crash has been recorded which makes people more afraid of travelling in planes, but according to records, planes still remain the safest means of travelling.

In the Philippines, two accidents was recorded in Caticlan airport in just 6 months. Although the Zest Airaccidents are not fatal, Some Filipinos already has fear of flying with smaller air crafts.

safe-air-travel-budget-airlineWith several discount airfare and online promotions in the Philippines, Air Travel in the Philippines is growing in terms of flight frequency. If you compare plane, train or automobile as a mode of transport – then air travel without a doubt is definitely the fastest and still the safest way to travel.

Over the decades, air travel safetyhas considerably increased and it is now more than 5 times better than what it used to be about 20 years ago. Air transportation improvements in safety can be credited to the advancement of technology, tough competition, strict quality control and external quality audits.

According to the Aviation Authorities, planes are the safest way to travel also because they have the least number of fatalities on per kilometre basis.

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