Taiwan Design Research Institute: Turn Crisis into Opportunity, Taiwan’s Sustainable Food and Agriculture Industry in the Post-Pandemic Era

SINGAPORE, Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live in the world in 2021. Also, in response to the UN SDGs, all countries are striving for the development of adaptive local food and agriculture industry; however, with worsening global warming, extreme weathers and natural disasters have immensely affected agricultural production. Facing drastically changing climate and environment in the future, "sustainable agriculture" with design and innovation in its DNA has become the new development direction of all countries in the post-pandemic era.

Upper left: Re branding achievements of Ocean Feast, lower left: Re branding achievements of Beez’n Co., right: Re branding achievements of Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry.
Upper left: Re branding achievements of Ocean Feast, lower left: Re branding achievements of Beez’n Co., right: Re branding achievements of Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry.

The Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan, and Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) have jointly launched the "TGA Project," which will introduce design to Taiwan’s traditional agriculture industry. Through analysis and diagnosis, introduction of design helps the industry to identify own strengths. Over the past decade or so, the project has successfully established over 165 brands for agricultural export to reinvent the industry. In addition to building new brands, the project has been more concerned with agricultural and environmental sustainability and balance, leveraging design for the new concept of branding.

Agricultural Branding through Design for Realization of Sustainable Agriculture

Taiwan’s new honey brand, "Beez’n Co.," has launched the "Releasing Bees in the Fields" plan since 2016, taking millions of bees all around Taiwan during the flowering season; in addition to increasing the yield by helping with pollination of crops, the bees have also produced high quality and flavorful honey. Another Taiwanese brand, "Ocean Feast," which has over 30 years of grouper farming experience, produces the only dragon-tiger grouper farmed in deep-sea cages in the Kuroshio Current; the cages in open sea present an almost fully-natural environment, and Ocean Feast uses no pesticides in aim to create a healthy eco-chain for the common good of the aquaculture industry.

The "TGA Project" integrates industrial consulting to comprehensively analyze these businesses’ operations from international procurement to food trends, finding their core competitiveness; then, the project introduces design firms for visualization of brands, building all-new brands through interdisciplinary alliance, while also cooperating with domestic and foreign distribution channels to access the commercial markets, facilitating branding and industrial transition for stable quality and data and standardized management, and establishing a professional image for enhanced sales.

Developing Taiwan-Japan Co-Creative Project for a Taste of Taiwan’s Unique Features and Cultural Sustainability through Traditional Desserts

Through the "TGA Project," the century-old traditional pastry brand, "Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry," joined a collaboration with Japanese food designer and Dean & Deluca merchandising Hirozumi Ogawa and emerging design team team CIRCORE to fuse food design with lifestyle analysis, and select seasonal fruits and tea, as well as Taiwan’s precious  indigenous spice that has generated quite a buzz in the world of fine dining, based on the principles of sustainable agriculture to present the "Every Day a Fine Day" Chinese Dessert Gift Box for an exciting new taste. This collaboration not only conveys the concept of innovating traditional pastry, but also manifests the intention to respect the environment and protect the soil.

From place of origin to the dining table, from individuals to the entire world, the relationship between food, population, life, and agriculture, has garnered greater attention. Taiwan’s agriculture industry will follow the footsteps of global SDGs, and adhere to the principle of ecological sustainability that stresses balance between environment and production. In the future, the "TGA Project" will continue to integrate interdisciplinary applications to help more agricultural brands for innovation and transition through introduction of design and philosophy of innovation, so that they can take on new looks and step onto the international stage of sustainability.

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